The Book of the Jewels and the Rings - Chapter 1 (section 1)

In the land of Aman all was well. The War of the Ring was over and Sauron defeated. Legolas, the only member of the Fellowship that remained in Middle-earth, was prepairing his ship. Besid him was Gimli packing all of his belongings. Legolas looked upon the shores of the Anduin and then he looked North. Gimli looked at him and said "What is it that troubles the eyes of Legolas?" Legolas continued to stare. Suddenly he said "I cannot decide whether to depart from the land of my birth and go to the Undying Lands or to remain here and dwindle out of being and be nothing but a lonly pilgrim, traveling the road without guidance." Gimli did not speak again for the words of Legolas were touching to the ears and were bittersweet to the heart but their meaning was nothing of beauty.
As Legolas worked he saw that the land itself was weary of of the departure of the elves. The trees were dreary and the sky was empty. He saw that the Mouths of Anduin were flowing slower and with less power than they had for hundreds of years.
As they left the lands they saw that the ocean had calmed and Ulmo had mercy for them. He then lie his body down upon the ships floors and saw it good. For he was content with the view of a clear sky and a brisk wind in his ears.
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