The Black Lioness - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a dark evening, as the black lioness rode swift and fast throuh the golden woods of Mirkwood. With a horse under her that was strong and wild just like her. She always thought that they were meant for each other.

The Black Lioness was known for her temper and her skills in battle. All feared her even when she was surronded by the strongest and most toughest men and elves around; all feared her.

"Whoa Lyon, slow down boy," said the black lioness. She stopped fast for she knew the prince of Mirkwood and his guards would stop her. She swung off the big black beast, and started to crouch low into the cover of darkness so that no one would know who or what she was.

All of a sudden two golden arrows flew through her raven black hair and she turned aburptly towards the shooter.

"Who are you? State your name." stated the shooter.

He was an elf of Mirkwood, his hair was a light golden blonde and his eyes, for she couldn't see them but she knew right away who it was, for the gold band around his left middle finger.

"Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, am I not right?" asked the Lioness.

"Aye, you are correct," Legolas said,"But I still have no clue for who you are."

"Nay, for who I am is none of your business."

"If you are in my father's terriory it is of my business," he said with power in his voice.

"Fine,"sighed Black Lioness,"I am The Black Lioness."

"Is that a joke?" Legolas said with a slight giggle in his throat.

She stepped forward with a seriousness in her vioce, "Do you think it's funny, prince of Mirkwood?"

Legolas stepped back a few steps, and his guards followed the same. He saw her black coal in her eyes and then his eyes landed down on her black bladed sword that was around her waist hooked to her black scabbord and fear came across his face, for that sword has slain more men and orcs then any of Mirkwood's greatest warriors have ever seen.

"Aye you are correct,"Legolas said with a great fear,"What is your business in Mirkwood?"

She paused for a moment and thought; Should I tell him or should I wait for when I tell his father. Then her Black eyes came across his blue ones, she knew the only way to his father is if she told him her message.

"Lord Elrond has an important message for your father and only I can tell him," she said with hope in her voice.

"Aye then if it is important then you may pass," Legolas stepped aside with his slender hand showing she may pass. The Black Lioness swung back onto Lyon's back.

"Wait before you go!"

"What?! I must hurry!"

"What is your real name?"

She sat for moment, "My name is Alyx."

"Alyx? Thats of a name I have never heard of."

"My mother named me of my great grandmother."

"Aye, tis strange, but lovely."

"I must go!"

"Alright you may go."

She rode pass Legolas, as she rode throught the perlious forest of Mirkwood she knew that all eyes were on her. Alyx shivered at the thought of seeing the prince of Mirkwood with that look of strangeness in his eyes. He had something over her some sort of power, that she knew was there to tame her wild and tempered soul.

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