The Beginnings: The Elf Princess Of Lothlorien - Chapter 2 part 1

'"Legolas....Legolas, breakfast!" said Leannaga Greenleaf. She was a elf of about 398, not that old i mind you. She had white blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile that could catch any mans heart.
"I'm coming...just a minute!" said Legolas. Now, in this series Legolas is only about 46, very young and is still quite adventurous.
Legolas dropped from the tree he was hanging in and ran towards his house. He opened the door and when he did, he saw something that amazed him. He stopped dead in his tracks right when he saw it. This thing was a tall, grey bearded wizard. The wizard held out his hand to legolas and said hello. Legolas just stared at him, speechless and not wanting to move.
"Hello young Greenleaf, my name is Gandalf." said the wizard and held out his hand again. This time, Legolas shook it, still staring at Gandalf.
"No need to fear Legolas, I will not harm you, I'm only here for a visit, for I have not seen you or your mother in a while. Why, the last time I saw you, you were only knee high on me." said Gandalf, still shaking Legolas' hand. Then, Gandalf let go and offered Legolas a seat. Legolas took, still staring at the very tall and grey wizard and started eating without moving his eyes from Gandalf.
"Now, my dear Leannaga, where were we? Ah, yes The Ring."
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