The Beginnings : The Elf princess of Lothlorien - By: Sara Schneider Chapter 1

At the beginning of Middle Earth, the very beginning, there lived an elf princess named Arowda Eversta. She was the daughter of Legase Eversta, King of Lothlorien. Legase was a very powerful and well knowned elf throughout Middle Earth. Although Arowda's father was interested in nothing but power and beauty, Arowda loved the simple things of life, dance, nature, and the people of her kingdom. Being a beautiful yet simple and kind princess, no one would have expected her to have very unique powers and a talent to tell the future. I will begin my story of her unique powers and how they helped Middle Earth here.
"Arowda?...Arowda.....wake up, it is but mid-morning."said Laita, Arowda's friend. "Your father is requesting your presence, he wishes to ask you something."
Arowda opened her eyes and looked up at Laita, then roled out of bed, said good morning to her friend, and went to change. It was the morning of her 57th birthday and her father always asked her what she would like for her birthday each year. Last year she asked for a necklace with a gold pendant and the year before that, she asked for another horse. This year she would ask for something very special, but it was not a necklace or a horse, it was to ask him a question. A question that would solve her curiousity.
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