The battle of Gondolin - Killer war

They charged with force balrogs orc troll and men. The warriors tried to fight them off but it did no use. A wall of arrows fell on the warriors of evil, all were hit but only some died.
They were at the 2nd gatehouse by now and there was a slim chance of stopping them there. They broke the door and marched in, the 5th wall of arrows were let out upon them, but it did no good there were too many. 1 warrior
tried to stop them but was crushed to the ground by Gothmog himself. Togan a captain of Gondolin, charged with at the least 50 men, and took down as many as they could.
Togan killed 11 balrogs before being knocked to the ground and trampled and killed. As the army of evil charges to the 3rd gatehouse Gothmag stopped and got out his whip and picked up Togans dead body and flung it across the 3rd gatehouse and it landed on the wall. Gothmog soon caught up with the others as they got to the 3rd gatehouse they were held up by iron-reinforced gate. Then Erathorn king of one-slip jumped from the wall with his men and slaughtered orcs upon orcs. But that didn't stop them getting in to the gate and marching up to the 4th gatehouse. As they charged to the 4th gatehouse they noticed that warriors of one-slip and their almighty king were stalking them. There was a mini battle near the broken 3rd gatehouse. All of a sudden Erathorn was in close combat with Gothmog, it looked like Erathorn had lost against the evil gothmog but that all changed when gothmog jumped in the air and came crashing down with fire an shadow, but Erathorn host his sword in the air and it slot in to Gothmogs foot. Allowing Erathorn to escape with his men back to the 3rd wall and broke gatehouse. Then all of a sudden Tutruadin came crash from the 1st gate house with the eagles of the elves and races to the 4th gate, the balrog saw them coming so took flight and charged back at the eagles, there was mega battle Erathorn got back involved but got killed by a orc captain Ryafell but then the balrogs flu in to the air and back to the mountains now it was orcs men and cave trolls and the eagles sorted them out.
Reported By: markcasey

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