The Aftermath of the Ring

The sun rises over the misty mountains. We followed the Orcs for five days now trying to destroy their whole existence. Since the mighty ones brought down the power of the dark lord we have had twenty years of peace, but a new threat has been created. Hundreds of villages and thousands of men have been killed in raids. They ran them down and killed each and every one of them leaving non-alive, non but my brother and me. I was only a baby, a couple of years old about two, my brother barely a year. I remember that day clearly in my mind. They came at about midnight, there was screaming and shouting escaping was only a panic to those that did not know the area. My mother in her terror fled out of the house right into the heart of the invasion instantly killed. My father the leader of my village had known every possible escape. He grabbed me and my brother and lead us right into Mirkwood forest. The Orcs were not far behind I can still hear my baby brother crying at the loss of our mother. After running for a while my father decided that he must go back and fight the Orcs. He left my brother and me in a cove hoping that the elves will have mercy on us and take us in as one of their own. Lucky for us they did. In my terror and utmost exhaustion I feel asleep nestled next to my brother. We were awaken by a band of elves, maybe about five together. We were taken to their elf lord. Legolas. After his father's death and betrayal of his brother Melios, Legolas took up the throne and proved to be mighty indeed. He took pity on us and raised us as his own. His own child, Aralas, had been our tutor and trainer. We were given names when we proved worthy of living among elves. I was named Laiwen the Green Maiden, and my brother Beren after the great mortal that married Luthien the elf maiden. I was trained for battle fierce as any other elf, even the great Legolas.

I was going to avenge my mother and father's death, and the others that have died merciless by the orcs. So we made it our mission. Together the four of us. Laiwen, The Green Maiden, my brother Beren, Aralas, the Elven Prince, and our closest friend and companion Elios, cousin of Aralas.

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