The adventure of the new Frodo-Part I

It was a pleasantly warm Spring day. In the Shire the shadows of the War of the Ring had long been forgotten. Children were chasing each other across the plain grassland,under the blessing of the warm breeze. Birch trees stood , proud and erect, willingly bearing beautiful undying tinuviels upon their stretching branchs. Golden crops poked shyly out of the soil , waving their slender bodies. Pure white lilies....

Okay, stop. You are boring them to death with the huge long bunch of descriptions. Let's get on to the subject. Under the shade of a particularly ancient birch tree Frodo stood...

Frodo? Have you read the ROTK? Frodo's supposed to have gone to the...what... Grey Havens? No, I mean it's the Frodo-lad you know , Sam's son. He was making a speech...or rather a lecture, to several surrounding lads and lasses. He was a boy in his early tweens , slender and strong(and really good-looking too)and had acquired a horde of girlfriends.In his hands there was a hardcover red book. It was remarkable how much he was like the old Frodo, rather than Sam. He had his expressive, clear blue eyes, wavy brown hair; when he was on an argument with his parents, his expression was the same as Frodo's had been - just as obstinate, just as fixed. He represented Frodo so much that when Sam saw him,a shadow would wander in his brown eyes and he would sigh, saying, "you are his shadow!" Which then young Frodo could not understand.

Anyway, although his appearances represented the old Frodo so much, his character was never "Frodonized" He was energetic and reckless, and breaking twelve pieces of kitchenware a day was nothing out of ordinary.Now he was waving the red book - that was "The Hobbit - There and back again " and ( accidentally making a smudge on it with his dirt-caked hands )boasted, "If Uncle Frodo is here right now, he would be proud of me. I am surely his heir,no doubt,if you understand me. I'd like to follow his steps and go to foreign lands on adventures. I'd slay evil creatures for the folks.I'd..."

But then his words were cut short by a sudden shriek from a girl. Frodo, startled, turned his head in time to see something spring out from behind the birch tree at him. Something...unnatural

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