The adventure of Elwanda - this is the 4 and final part to my story

Chapter 4

"Now that everyone is here I would like to go over the plan," Elwanda proclaimed, " when the orcs go on their morning patrol we will hide in the bushes, and when they are getting ready to leave we attack. That way we will have caught them by surprise. Does anyone have any questions"

"Ok then everyone split up and go to your places in the woods and on my signal attack" Locland said

So they all went into the woods at that time it was just before sunrise and the orcs hadn't come yet. Then the orcs came rumbling into the forest, and were about to turn around when Locland made a bird call, then all the elves came out and attacked with suck a fury that the orcs didn't know what hit them, but they had back up and they came in right away. It was 1 elf to 3 orcs and the battle had begun. After most of the orcs were killed the elves began to relax but a few orcs ad crept up behind Locland, who was drinking some water, they stuck a knife into his side. But then Elwanda came running

"Locland! You beasts!"

Elwanda fought and fought and one by one the orcs were dead.

"Oh Locland,I love you ,Please don't die I can't let you die" Elwanda wept

But then something marvelous happened out of nowhere there came a ferie who came up to her

"Do not fear my child for I will help him"

She bandaged up his wounds

"OUCH my side, what happened?" he groaned

"Two orcs came up from behind and attacked you, then this ferie came along... where did she go?" Elwanda said

"Well if it was a ferie it must have gone away while I was waking up, now lets go home I am exhausted" Locland said

Then they went home and peace was restored to the forest forever

The End

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