Tamuríl Lossëhelin - Part 2

Tamuríl went throuh the streets in her hurried fashion, hoping to not catch Haldir's eye. Should he notice her and choose to bring it to attention, it would not form a good situation. She rushed past soldiers in the streets avoiding Galadriel's Marchwarden. The soldiers' faces, she noticed were creased with fear, but they were brave. Some of them were hardly old enough for war, while others were seemingly too old. Tamuríl's hurrying was a mistake, for when she attempted to squeeze past a man pulling a cart, she upset it's balance. She watched as the cart tipped more and more, the man trying to correct it, only made matters worse. Out of anyone's control, it fell, scattering shields, and bits of armor everywhere. The crash was unaviodable, the sound bounced all over the walls.
Haldir glanced in her direction, and out of panic, she fled. Her heart raced as the flew around corners and ran through the streets, pushing past people. Tamuríl prayed that if he did see her, he would think it a mistake, and dismiss it. She came to a halt, and doubled back, for she realized she had run the full circumference of the market. haldir was no where in sight. Suspicion rose in her stomach as she stepped backward, and then turned. She walked straight into his arms. Haldir looked down into her eyes, for he was very tall.
She decided on plan B, and gave him a confused look. "What did you call me?"
"Don't jest with me, Tamuríl."
"You seem to have mistaken me for someone else." As she turned to leave, Haldir grasped her arm, and dragged her out of sight, into a back corner of the wall.
"Tamuríl, I am aware it is you, you might as well stop acting as another."
Tamuríl pressed him up against the wall, taking him by surprise, laying a knife on his throat.
Her face scat inches from his own, she half whispered, "You musn't tell anyone, Haldir! No one is to know you know me!"
"I expected a warmer welcome from you, Tamuríl,"
She did not answer.
Haldir locked his gaze with her's. "You are ware I could easily cripple you, as well as bring you to your knees."
A smile touched her lips. "I seriously doubt that, Haldir. For you are my teacher, and I am aware of how your mind works. On a second count, you would not dare harm me."
"If I have taught you well, you you not bring harm to me, either."
Tamuríl gave him a long, hard stare. With a grunt, she relinquished her weapon. There was a small release of breath from Haldir. She smiled to herself. Haldir is an excellent bluffer, as cocky as he was. He straightened, as he realized she had caught the impression he was relieved.
"I am curious, Tamuríl," He began.
She turned to him, displaying an expression as serious as a grave.
"Why do you wish me to not reveal that I know you?"
A sigh escaped from her lips. "These people do not know truely who I am. What I am. I would like for it remain that way."
"You have not told them?"
"No." She gave him a stern look. Haldir's eyebrows shot up, and he took a step back from her sudden threating look. Tamuríl closed her eyes, and sighed again.
"My dear friend," She shook her head, and gazed at him, taking a step in his direction. Taking his hands within her own, she looked into his eyes.
"Haldir," she pleaded. "Do this much for me. Keep my secret."
Haldir bowed his head slightly. "Of course. For you are equally a good friend to me. Anything for you, Tamuríl."
She smiled, and squeezed his hands, then released them. Haldir watched as she took several steps backward, then turned and disappeared into the crowd of soldiers.
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