Tales of an Elf - Prologue

The flame of a candle flickered as Adara, a sweet elf of Rivendell, wrote her story of adventure and romance. Her hand moved swiftly and elegantly across the parchment, forming each letter carefully. This story was one that would be historical- no, it was not a legend. This story was that of Adara's life. And it began in this magnificent land: Rivendell.

~ ~ ~

It was not a large battle. Just a minor army of orcs and other beasts trying to bring down our beautiful home. But, of course, we must start at the beginning.

I grew up in Rivendell, raised by my mother, Kiraley. My father, Rondor, was killed in battle. I also had a brother, Baird, who was older than me by three summers. He was also killed, but at a young age. He was only thirty-four, and, as you should know, Elves are meant to live forever. We had a hound, named Beowulf. He was such a lovable friend.

Thankfully, my mother is still alive. She was almost killed once- during the War of the Ring. She rushed off after Beowulf, who had chased a creature of some kind towards the mountains. An orc attacked her- but she killed it. Unfortunately, we never found Beowulf. We believe he was killed by a warg.

I am now 2,084 years of age, and I have had many adventures of my own. I miss my lost love ones terribly- but I know they would not have wanted me to die of grief. So I struggled to stay alive through my depressing years.

After a while, I decided to become a warrior. But Elrond and my mother refused to let me go off into battle. All because I am not a man. They would only teach me a few skills, such as archery and sword-fighting.

But, one day, like the great heroine, Eowyn, I had become fed up with this unfair situation. So I disguised myself as a man- and I fought in a small war against an army of orcs. But I've saved that tale for the last chapter.

In many of my chapters, you will hear about an Elf named Roark. I grew up with him, and I could not make up my mind: Did I like him more than a friend, or not? It was a hard decision- but you will know in the end how that went.

We will also cover my personal training sessions with Elrond. Yes, he taught me how to battle. I learned a few other tips from Roark as we discussed these lessons together.

Even though I do not want to, I will also write about the more depressing stages of my life: What I thought about when my loved ones passed on, when we couldn't find Beowulf, and who lifted my spirits when I thought there was no point in living anymore.

There are many interesting tales in this book, if I do say so myself. They are tales of romance, adventure, depression, and friendships that you never want to end. I hope you enjoy them.


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