Taken To Middle Earth-Chapter 2 - We'll ive settled into story writing, so here goes.........

"Travel only by day, and stay off the main roads." Gandalf muttered to Frodo, Sam, Luke and I. "Wait! Gandalf, aren't you coming with us?" Frodo asked. "I cannot, i must see the head of my order, he is both wise and powerful." 'Now make for the village of Bree hurry." With those words, Gandalf mounted his horse and galloped off into the distance.

Frodo, Sam, Luke and I were soon on our way, we spent the first few days just making our way through The Shire. Nothing much happened to us. Although Sam and Frodo began to develop a close bond with both Luke and I. On the third day of our trek, we approached a large cornfield. Suddenly, Sam came to a sudden halt. "What's wrong?" asked Frodo. Sam replied, "If I take one more step, it's the farthest away from home ill ever been." "Come on, Sam." Frodo replied. With that we entered Farmer Maggots crop, as Sam told us the previous day. Frodo and Sam could not see over the corn field, and Luke and I had to stand on our toes to just barely see the top.

As we continued on, our small company got split up. I was with Sam and Luke and Frodo were missing. "Oh, I hope Mr. Frodo and Luke are alright." Sam stuttered "Do not worry, Sam,' I said, 'I'm sure they're perfectly fine." Sam then took off running after hearing Frodo, calling. After I found all three again, we were jumped by Merry and Pippin.


Thats all for now. I need a bit more advice, If you please

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