Taken To Middle Earth- Chapter 1 - I decided to try writing this story again

It all started on a quiet saturday morning....................

"Hey Luke, wanna pop in Lord Of The Rings?", I said. "Sure," Luke shouted from the other room, 'I'll be right there."

Hi my names Kris, im your typical kid, except for the fact that i'm crazy about Lord Of The Rings. I always love to spend a day just sitting down and watching all three movies. My friend, Luke, is sort of like me. He's my best friend, almost like a brother.
Luke then came in to the room. "Hurry,' I said, 'the movies almost starting." "Ok, i'm coming."

With that, he sat down and FOTR started, it was going off normally, until we approached the scene where Gandalf was riding into The Shire with Frodo, discussing Bilbo's birthday. Then suddenly the TV froze, and Luke and I were being pulled into a black vortex that appeared before the TV. He and I both tried to grab onto something but the vortex was to quick and powerful. We were soon engulfed into blackness and we lost conciousness.

When we awoke, we were lying on the ground in a dirt road. A man was poking at us and talking. I couldn't understand him because I was still a little dizzy. I jumped up and i saw myself on a little pathway leading into a town. and old man was trying to get my attention.

"You, what is your name and where do you live?" I turned around only to immediately recognize the old man. "Gandalf,'
I thought, 'What is Gandalf doing here?" then i looked around and realized i wasn't in my home anymore. I was surrounded by a large band of small persons who looked to be none bigger than children. "Where am I." I muttered as I tried to take in what was happening. "You are in the Shire, in the town of Hobbiton." Gandalf said.

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