Strange Love: Introduction - A Story

If any of you ladies out there think Legolas, the elf, is a knock-out ('cuz I do), this story's about him. This is only the intro and it may be a little short, but oh well... Enjoy it and all feedback is welcome!


The battle was won. Elves, dwarves, hobbits, men, women, and children of all ages were celebrating still. Three long years had passed since the war for Middle-earth had ended. Frodo Baggins was back in the Shire with Samwise. Gandalf still roamed Middle-earth since he never had a home to go home to. Gimli had decided to stay with the Elves in Rivendell. Aragorn married Arwen and had a daughter, Crystal. Legolas Greenleaf, as quiet as he is, was overjoyed at the fact that their terrors were finally over. Still, something troubled him. He felt as if there was a part of him that was missing. He finally realized what it was. He was lonely. His father and the other Elves would still congratulate him on his courage and endurance, but it wasn't enough. Even his immortal life seemed like nothing. He wanted to be with someone, as he had been lonely for at least a thousand years.

"Being a prince is so lonely sometimes," said Legolas to himself. He sighed with sadness. "Even in a land so beautiful as Mirkwood, it is a struggle to find happiness...without someone by your side." As he gazed out his window at the stars that night, he wondered if there would ever be someone out there for him. Would he find someone? Or would he have to endure loneliness until the end of time?

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