Smeagol... The Siege of Gondor - What Smeagol says about it... A short story.

Hello... this is SSSSmeagol looking at the Nasssty
battle. Orcses come out of the Dead City, didn't they Precious? They come marching out... and filthy wraith screeches and hurts poor Smeagol's ears... gollum! Then they
go to ruined city and cross the biiiiig river, didn't they Precious? They crooossed it, yes they did, in lotses of orc boatsss. Silly Men try to hurt the nasssty orcses so they go back to the Dead City, but filthy orcses only want to killlll the silly Men. Pooor Men, they ran away from the Ruined City because they're scaaared of the orcses. Then lotses of wraithssss come out of the skyyy and kill lots of Men, yes, lotses of Men, Preciouuussss. Then this old Wizard people comeses out of the Reeally Biiiig City and scareses the evil
wraiths away with reeaally bright light, yes he did. Then they come to the Reeaally Biiig City, and Cruel Man goes to see
his faaatherr, who tells him to attack nassty orcses. They go
to take the Ruined City away from the orcses, and they all get shotten by the orcses' nasssty bows. They all die except for the Cruel Man, who is drrrraged by his hooorse to the Reeaaly Biiiig City, yes he was. Then a few dayses passs...
and then filthy orcses and biiig Trolls, and their were some Men there too, yes Precious, came to the Biig field in front of
Reeaally Big City. Nassty Orc Commander tellses the orcses to put the Poor Men's headses in Catapultses' to throw into the City. They did, and it was grosssss. Old Wizard people tells Men to shoot sharp arrowses and fling big rockses at nassssty orcses. They do, until Big Ram and Tall Towers come. Tall Towers roooll up to the Big Wall and release lotses of orcses who start to fight the Men. Then Big Ram knockses down the big Gate, and more orcses come in, gollum. Old Wizard people comeses with Men to fight orcses.
Then this Big Horn is blown, yes it is, and lotses of Men on hooorses appear on the North of biig plain.
Smeagol continues later...
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