Smeagol... The Battle of Pellenor Fields - What Smeagol says about it.

Helllloo... this is Smeagol looking at the Battle of the Pellennnor Fieldses. A big horn was blown, it was, lotses of men on horsessss appeared on the North of the Biiig Plain (Pellenor), and alll the orcses turn to faaace them. Old Man
tellses his men to killll the orcses. The riderses charge and they shoot their bowses, and orcses shoot nasty arrowsss at the riderses, killlling lotses of them.... gollum! The riderses
reach the nasssty orcses and start killing them. And then...
this wierd chanting is heard from the east of the Biiig Plain,
lotses of... of... oliphauntses, the fat one said, I thinkss.
This evil man blows a horn, and the oliphauntses charge.
Old Man tellses his men to charge at the oliphauntses, and they do... gollum! Lotses of men and mountses die on each
side. Eomerrr, I think it was, throwses his spear at the evil man who blew the horn, and he (the evil man) is skewered,
he is, and he falls off his oliphaunt, which makeses it run into
another oliphaunt, and killlses all the men on them. They keep fighting until the Filthy Wraith comeses and pickses up the Old Man with his nassty fell beast and dropsss him and
his hooorse. Then the Wraith lands and fightses a cruel Lady
and a hobbit, and the Wraith diesss. And then... ships arrive, and the men think they are doooomed. But, that cruel ranger, Aragorn, a nasty elf, and a terrible dwarf jump out of the flagship. Orcses laugh at them, until the nice Wraithses
come out of the ships and kill all the orcses and evil men and oliphauntses and Trolls. That's the end of the battle.
Smeagol talkses about the Battle of Helm'ses Deep later.
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