Smeagol's Story - (part 6)

Smeagol had nothing to say to his three `friends.' They were no friends; no friend would treat you so badly, no friend would lie to you, steal the one you love and hurt you so much.
`Surprised, Smeagol?' asked Theanol wickedly. `Are you surprised that we aren't as nice as you think we are? Well, think again.'
`I... You... How could you?' shouted Smeagol. `Where is Lily?' he screamed.
`None of your business,' smiled Deagol, who Smeagol now realised was the leader of the three.
`She is safe,' whispered Loarnel.
`What are you doing Loarnel? She is your sister, don't you want her to be happy?' screamed Smeagol.
`I do want her to be happy, just not with you- you are not fit for anyone or anything. You are dirt, you are waste and you are filth,' spat Loarnel.
`NO!' came a scream. Lily had managed to spit out her gag and was screaming at Loarnel. `How dare you say such a thing. What is it to you, anyway, whom I like? Smeagol is a lovely hobbit and is worth more than a thousand of you.'
`I want the best for you, Lily, and this... this excuse for a hobbit, is the worst for you. What has he ever done for you which I haven't done for you?'
`He has made me happy Loarnel. Now release me or kill me for I do not wish to be in your sight and I do not wish you to be in my sight.'
`We cannot release you, preciousss,' Deagol spoke up, `as you are Smeagol's preciousss and therefore you must see his fate.'
`His fate?' screamed Lily. `Let me go, let me go, let me go!' she screamed at the top of her voice in the hope that someone would hear.
Smeagol leapt up, with his hands tied behind his back, and ran towards her, only to be knocked down to the ground by Theanol.
`Let her go and I will never go near her again,' whispered Smeagol, `although it will cost me my heart.'
`I have already said,' fumed Deagol, `we cannot let her go.' As Loarnel interrupted, Deagol hit him across the face. `We cannot let her go yet. Perhaps once she has said goodbye to Smeagol, but not yet.
`Anyway, we need to tell them both the truth first, don't we? Smeagol, we haven't been... completely honest with you-'
`Of course you haven't, otherwise why am I here?' shouted Smeagol.
`Patience, my friend, patience,' replied Deagol.
`Don't call me friend, you traitor.'
`Calm down, Smeagol, and let me begin.
`You always thought you were the best around here, because your grandmother was the stupid, old chief. Well, you thought wrong. We needed your help, so we made friends with you- I needed money as my family are in dire need, Theanol needed his dad to get a better job- perhaps mayor- and you were to help him, and Loarnel wanted his sister to marry a rich man, for example, you.
`But we were all wrong. You hid away the fact that you were rich, so I couldn't have any money, and you hid away the fact that you were the grandson of the chief, so Theanol's dad couldn't have a job, and therefore, Loarnel decided you weren't worthy enough of his sister.
`Still we persisted, in the hope that you'd realise that your friends needed you. But instead, you ignored all our problems and concentrated on your own- you didn't believe that we were trustworthy, but you were right, so we had to make you believe we were.
`That was hard work- going fishing with you everyday, sharing a boat with you, giving you presents, introducing you to Lily- that was an unhappy day for us- and, eventually, you fell for our tricks.
`Now you had four best friends- all are present now- so why, Smeagol, why did you not give us what we wanted? Why?'
`Friends are there for you, not there to take from you,' growled Smeagol angrily. `You betrayed my trust and you made me be friends with you, just to steal from me, why?'
`It seemed like a good enough reason, didn't it Theanol? Didn't it Loarnel?' Deagol looked at his two friends who hurriedly nodded, in fear of Deagol whose eyes were blazing and he seemed ready to hit any person who disagreed.
Smeagol looked to the skies, determined not to cry, determined not to embarrass himself even more in front of his former friends. But tears formed in his eyes and overflowed, running down his cheeks as he realised that he had never had a true friend, he had never had a loyal friend or someone to be there for him. As the first tear dropped to the ground, the skies rumbled and drops of water fell. It had begun to rain, as though Smeagol's tears were falling rain.
`And, Smeagol, you have taken the one person I have ever loved,' shouted Deagol. `You have taken Lily from me. I have loved her all of my life. I have known her longer than you and loved her longer than you. How dare you take her? How did you make her love you? You are a vile creature and I hate you, how did you manage to make such a gorgeous being love you?'
Deagol picked the shaking girl from the ground and held her as he shouted at Smeagol. Smeagol, seething with anger, tried to get to Lily, but was held down by Loarnel and Theanol. Deagol looked Lily in the eyes and leant towards her while she tried to pull away.
Deagol was a strong hobbit and Lily was already weak, so she couldn't pull away for much longer and Deagol pushed his mouth onto hers as she wriggled, trying hard to be released.
When Deagol pulled away slightly, Lily started screaming, but Deagol pushed her against a tree and took out a gag. Once more, Lily could talk no longer and could not complain. This only pushed Deagol to keep going, for he said, `If you are not complaining, you obviously think there is nothing wrong.' With a cruel laugh, Deagol started to run his hands through Lily's hair and then down to her shoulders.
Theanol and Loarnel laughed nastily and forced Smeagol to watch as Deagol caressed Lily's shoulders, then pulled down the shoulder of her dress. Soon, the strong hobbit was getting carried away and was now kissing Lily's shoulders and stroking her cheeks.
Lily moved her head around, from side to side, trying to keep Deagol away, but it was all in vain, he was too strong. As Deagol started to untie the corset of the dress that Lily was wearing, she lifted her knee up, very hard, and hit Deagol where it hurt.
Deagol fell to the ground and Lily ran as fast as she could away from him, but she tripped soon on a tree root. With her hands tied together, Lily could not prevent her fall and hit her head.
Theanol let go of Smeagol and left Loarnel to hold him, and ran to Lily. He picked her up carefully and sat her on a wet tree trunk, her hair dripping water down her already damp back.
`So,' snarled Deagol, as he stood up carefully, `you want it all over and done with, do you?' He nodded to Loarnel, who took Smeagol towards a tree. There, he tied the helpless Stoor and stepped back.
`Say goodbye Lily, for you will never see him again,' shouted Deagol violently.
Theanol, who had now untied Lily, let go of her and she ran straight to Smeagol to untie him. Her fingers were shaking and she could not manage to untie the wet ropes before Loarnel stepped forwards and took her back again.
`No! Smeagol, I love you, I won't let them do this. I love you, I LOVE YOU,' she screamed as her brother pulled her away.
Smeagol shook his head and smiled, `I love you too, Lily, but don't make this more difficult than it already is, let them do it, and then they won't hurt you. I love you.'
`NO,' she screamed as Deagol took a knife from his pocket and raised it above his shoulder.
Taking aim, Deagol drew the dagger backwards; ready to throw it straight at Smeagol. He released the dagger and it flew towards Smeagol, but as this happened, Lily hit her brother in the eye and threw herself in front of Smeagol.
The sharp blade pierced Lily's soft, beautiful skin, only to rest, embedded in her chest as she fell to the ground. Smeagol, who had been slowly untying the knot of the rope, now managed to release himself. He pushed forwards and the rope fell to the ground.
`NO. No, Lily, no! It can't be. No,' he screamed as he knelt by Lily's side. Her blood was pouring from the wound onto her white dress and over her hands that had come to rest on her torso.
Not a single breath came from her angelic body as it lay peacefully in front of Smeagol, with his tears dropping to her heart.
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