Smeagol's Story - (chapter 7)

Smeagol looked up from the ground and stared at Deagol. Deagol, for once, realised he had done something wrong, and was sitting on a log with his head in his hands. Smeagol turned to the other two hobbits. Loarnel had a look of utter devastation on his face and his breath was coming in quick, short gasps as he looked down at his sister. Theanol had a similar reaction and was looking at his hands as though they were covered in Lily's blood.
Smeagol slowly stood up and took a step towards Loarnel. `Look at her!' he shouted. `Look at what you have done to your sister. You wanted the best for your sister. Is that what you call `the best?' Is it? I think not. You will pay for this Loarnel; and you Theanol.
`But first, Deagol, you will pay for this crime. You have murdered a being of the Valar- she was holy, a spirit to me. She was... She was Lily Banks and she respected you up until today, she even considered you a friend. And now look! You have killed her. You are a murderer and you will pay. I will avenge Lily.'
When Smeagol started walking towards Deagol, Theanol and Loarnel started to run away without even looking back. `Wait,' cried Deagol, `don't leave me,' but he was too late- his friends had deserted him as he had deserted Smeagol.
Smeagol was too close for Deagol to run in the same direction as his friends, so he had to run towards the Anduin, away from the forest, with Smeagol in fast pursuit.
Deagol ran and ran without looking back at Smeagol, who now had fury in his eyes. All he could see was red and he had such a burning hatred within him that he knew he would need to kill to ever be sane again.
Deagol turned back just as he left the forest, and what he saw scared him- the young hobbit he had once known had turned into a killer and would kill Deagol for what he had done.
*SPLASH* Deagol fell straight into the Anduin, but, luckily for him, it was shallow. He ducked under the water and grabbed a handful of sand just as Smeagol leapt over his head.
As Smeagol emerged, Deagol threw the sand into Smeagol's eyes. A scream was all Deagol needed to realise that he had hit, so he tried to swim away quickly while his opponent was disabled.
But Deagol felt a strong hand on his ankle and was pulled backwards. He, once more, grabbed a handful of sand, but this time he felt a solid object in his hand.
Gasping for breath, he kicked away from Smeagol and pushed up from the bottom of the riverbed. Air felt so refreshing and so tasty, never before had it been so good. But Deagol realised he had no time to contemplate such things, and turned to Smeagol who was advancing rapidly. He had a sudden feeling of control
`Wait, Smeagol, I have something you want,' shouted Deagol.
Smeagol stopped as he felt a new presence in their midst. An evil presence, but a powerful presence, one that he wanted so very much and felt he would do anything to have for his own.
`Give it to me,' cried Smeagol.
`No, I've already given you a birthday present. If you let me go, I will give it to you.'
`Give it to me, my preciousss,' screamed Smeagol. This really confused Deagol, as he had called Lily `Smeagol's preciousss' a little while before. Maybe that is what Smeagol meant, thought Deagol.
But Smeagol was upon him and Deagol had no chance to even breathe before Smeagol pushed him underwater. Just as Deagol felt that all his breath was gone, Smeagol pulled him up and pushed his face closer and closer.
`I wants it,' snarled Smeagol in a peculiar voice.
`No, wait,' shouted Deagol before he was half-drowned again. Tears were coming from his eyes as he realised this was to be his last hour.
`These tears you cry have come too late,' shouted Smeagol.
`I know, I'm sorry,' sobbed Deagol.
`Take back the lies, the hurt, the blame.'
`I'm sorry, I do take it back- I take it all back,' whimpered Deagol.
`But you can't take it back anymore because it has already happened,' shouted Smeagol as he pushed Deagol underwater.
Deagol's mind went blank and all he could feel and tell was what was inside his body. He could almost see the water going into his lungs, and going the wrong way down his body. He could see that he was going to die, he did not see his whole life flash before his eyes, as he expected it to, but he did see himself slowly dying.
`I hate you Deagol,' shouted Smeagol as he pulled Deagol out of the water and threw him onto the riverbank. `I hate you so much. I had Lily; I had love. Where once was love, love is no more,' tears once more began to fall from Smeagol's eyes, `these tears I cry are falling rain, for all the lies you told me, the hurt the blame.' Smeagol grabbed hold of the object in Deagol's hand, the object with such power and such lust that Smeagol felt he needed it.
The second this object was in Smeagol's hand, he thought he could rule the world. He had all he ever needed- a ring. And this ring was amazing; it made him feel real, it made him feel... like two people.
`We will weep to be so alone,' shouted Smeagol, referring to himself and the ring, `we are lost; we can never go home. That is your fault; Deagol, your fault and I hate you. So in the end, Deagol, I'll be what I will be. No loyal friend was ever there for me. You betrayed me Deagol, you were never loyal, and I hate you. Now we say goodbye, we say you didn't try,' laughed Smeagol as he pushed Deagol backwards.
Deagol coughed and spluttered, trying to get the water from his lungs, but he was slowly dying, and knew it, as Smeagol kicked him time and time again.
`You will weep when you face the end alone. You are lost; you can never go home, Deagol, like Lily- my preciousss- and like me. Never, Deagol, never.'
Smeagol watched Deagol as he drew in his last breath, and Smeagol whispered once more, `never.'
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