Sleep Well My Love

Author's note; Hi folks ! This little poem is from Arwen's point of view. I hope in some way it expresses the sadness & bitterness she may have experienced at the passing of her beloved Aragorn, until she could be with him again once more. Please let me know what you think - thanks.

Sleep Well My Love.

Sleep well my love, your time has come
Lay thee down with the setting sun.

So short a time it seems we had
For these precious years, should I be glad ?
To be your love, to be your wife
Blessing ? nay curse, this mortal life.

Sleep well my love, you time has ended
My heart lies broken and shant be mended.

To your forefathers go, to the Kings of old
In legend, in song shall your story be told.
Your city is mourning, your people grieve
no comfort here now, I too must leave.

Sleep well my love, tears of joy now flow
From the Golden Wood to your arms I go.

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