Sister to the Prince - Prologue

Disclaimer- I'm not claiming anything belonging to J.R.R. Tolkien. Anything you see that is unfamiliar is mine. The characters Thoron, Aiduial and Mithaelin are all mine.

"My Lord, we found an abandoned campsite at the edge of the forest. The residents had apparently been slaughtered by orcs. We searched the camp and found this."

The elvish scout handed a bundle to the king. Thranduil proceeded to unwrap the bundle as his young son peered over his shoulder. All of a sudden, wailing rent the air of the throne room. "A babe?" asked the king, "and elvish too..." "I wonder why she was at the camp. Thoron, was there any sign of her parents?" "My Lord, there was none. Either they were carried off, or ran away."

"We shall keep her then. She shall be raised as my daughter. I shall call her Aiduial, the Morning Star." "Say hello to your new sister, Legolas."
"She's awfully little," said the little elfling. "You were too when you were her age. Run along son," said the king smiling and ruffling his son's honey blonde hair, "Go find Lord Elrond's sons; he brought them to visit if I remember correctly." "Yes father!" exclaimed the boy with sparkling leaf-green eyes*.

"Thoron, would you take my new daughter to the nursery? I shall need to make preparations for a feast tonight. Oh, and please inform Mithaelin that Aiduial is in her care now that Legolas doesn't need her." "Of course Sire, I would love to."

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