Silvren's Journey - Chapter 7

For two days, Silvren and Legolas went outside to play in the cold, white snow, enjoying it's rare existence. After being outside all morning, Silvren walked back inside the house and decided to pay Estel a short visit. She walked down the corridor towards his room and knocked lightly upon his door.
"Come in." she heard him call from within his room.
"Hello, Estel." Silvren said as she walked into his room and gently closed the door behind her.
"Hello, Silvren. You went outside didn't you?" he asked, a slight smile upon his handsome face.
Silvren let out a small laugh as she sat down on the stone tiled floor in front of him. He was only fourteen of age, but he had grown very handsome over the years and very intelligent. She could remember when he was first brought to Rivendell, a small little lad with dark hair and huge blue eyes. Now his hair was almost shoulder length and had a slight wave to it, but still a dark brown color. His blue eyes still as beautiful has they had been years earlier. She and Estel had become fast friends and not long after, best friends. Whenever Legolas came to visit the three of the would always play or wander around Rivendell together. Her and Estel went just about everywhere together and sometimes, when Elladan and Elrohir weren't hunting, the twins would join them. Silvren knew that over the years Estel would continue to grow taller and more handsome, if that was possible.
"Yes. How do you know?" she asked, puzzled since she had changed her clothes and dried out her hair.
"Your cheeks are slightly pink." he smiled, knowing that she was half-Elven which made her more susceptible to than cold than most elves.
"Oh." she flushed. "Why didn't you come out with us?" she asked, watching as he carefully sharpened his sword.
"I don't care much for the snow." he replied, not taking his eyes off his sword.
"Oh." she whispered quietly, barely loud enough to hear.
The rough sound of the blade scraping across the whetstone mixed with the soft crackle of the fire next to her was all Silvren could hear.
"Well, I must be going. Good night, Estel." Silvren said as she stood up to leave.
"Good night, Silvren." he returned as he watched her turn and leave his room, gently closing the door behind her.

The days went by slowly as the snow melted away under the sun's strong sunlight, bringing forth the day Legolas would leave.
Legolas walked around to the front of the Homely House, to where Lord Elrond and four of his children stood, with his silver horse trotting by his side.

"Once again, I would like to thank you for bringing my daughter back to me." Elrond thanked him.
"It was my honor." Legolas said with a slight bow. "My lady." he said stopping in front of Silvren, her head bent forward and hands clasped in front of her.
"Please don't go." she whispered so only he could hear her.
Gently, he took her soft hand in his and held it up. "I'll come back." he whispered and kissed the top of her knuckles. Legolas let go of her hand then turned around mounted Ranel's back in one quick leap. With one last look at Silvren, he turned and galloped out the front gate.

Everyone turned and went back to their own business except for Silvren, who stood still with her head bent towards the ground.
Silvren felt a strong hand gently rest upon the delicate curve of her shoulder and heard a comforting
voice follow it.
"Come, don't be sad. You know he'll come back."
She turned her head to the side and saw Estel standing behind her, a small smile on his face. Silvren nodded and followed him into the house.

With Estel around she easily forgot, for the time being, about marrying Telden and missing Legolas.

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