Silvren's Journey - Chapter 6

It was in the middle of the night and a sudden gust of wind blew through Silvren's windows, scattering papers and blankets everywhere.
The loud howl of the wind and rustling of papers woke Silvren from her sleep and she jumped out of bed to her feet. Quickly she secured the curtains that were whipping about the air. `Oh, my goodness!' Silvren thought as she scurried about her room picking up the papers and blankets that were moving about in the wind. Silvren sighed as she picked up the last of the papers, wondering why it was so windy outside.
Slowly, she walked over to a window and pulled back the gauzy curtain, her jaw dropping in amazement. Snow was being blown about in front of her, all over Rivendell. Never before there been a blizzard or just a little snow in Rivendell. Only from the pictures in her father's books had she seen snow.
Silvren blinked as the white blur blew about in front of her, captivated by it's beauty that was rarely seen. She smiled to herself, knowing that Legolas wouldn't be able to leave for a while.
Silvren turned and walked back over to her bed and climbed in, pulling the covers in close. As she listened to the howling of the wind, she slowly drifted of to sleep.

The next morning, Silvren woke up feeling strangely cold, then remembered what had happened during the night. She jumped out of her bed and ran over to the closest window, smiling at the sight before her. All of Rivendell was covered in a white blanket of snow. She shivered as the cold air nipped at her bare arms. She quickly threw on a warmer dress and quietly ran out her door and down the corridor.
"Oh!" Silvren exclaimed as she came to a quick stop before running into Legolas.
Legolas looked down at her and smiled at the excitement that sparkled in her grey-blue eyes. "What causes you to be in such a rush?" he asked.
"Why, the snow! You did see the snow, didn't you?"
"Aye, I did. Beautiful isn't it?"
"Yes. I wish Míriel was here to see it. I know she'd love it as well." Silvren said sadly.

Together they walked down the stairs and into the dinning hall where a warm breakfast was being served.
"Ah, good morning, Silvren." Elrond said. "Legolas." he nodded. "Did you guys see the snow?"
"Aye, Father, we did. What caused it to snow?" Silvren asked while taking her seat next to Elrond.
Legolas took his he seat diagonal from her and next to Glorfindel.
"I'm not sure, Silvren. But it concerns me."
"It could be of some evil work that's brewing."
Silvren looked down at her plate and slowly began eating as Estel entered the room.
"Sorry I'm late, Atar." he said as he took his seat next to Silvren.
"Don't be. It's not a feast, only breakfast." Elrond replied after swallowing a bite a delicously warm and sweet biscuit.
The warm, fluffy scrambled eggs smelled wonderful and the crispy bacon and buttered biscuits tasted extremely delicious, especially on a cold day.

For the next few days, nobody was able to go outside for the snow was to deep. Finally, on the third day, Silvren was able to go outside.
Over her dress she wore a heavy mantle and gloves on her hands to keep her warm. Silvren hurried
down the corridor and down the stone staircase, running towards the front door to go outside. She barely
left footprints as she walked over the light, fluffy snow. The splendid beauty of the snow amazed her as
she walked around the snow-covered courtyard.
Silvren was just about to turn around and run inside the house to find Legolas, when something hard hit her in the middle of her back. Silvren turned around only to receive another one in the stomach.
Standing a few yards away from her was Legolas, a wide grin across his face and another ball of snow in his hands.
"Having fun?" he asked impishly.
Before Silvren could answer, another snowball came flying her way. Silvren ducked just in time and sent the snowball crashing into the tree behind her. She looked over at Legolas with a shocked expression on her face that quickly turned into a smile when a snowball came out of nowhere and hit Legolas in the arm.
"No one picks on my sister." a low voice called out and Silvren turned to see Estel standing near by.
"Except for me." he grinned and threw a snowball at Silvren, hitting her in the arm as well.
"Aye!" Silvren squealed in surprise then knelt down on the ground, scooping up snow into a ball.
Standing up, Silvren chucked the snowball at Legolas who wasn't looking. He stood up just in time for the snowball to hit him on the right cheek. She then bent over to make another to throw at Estel.
The three of them laughed hysterically as they pounded each other with snowballs.
* * *
Up in his chamber, Lord Elrond was studying by a warmly lit fire when he heard the laughter of the two elves and human. Slowly, he stood up and walked over to the balcony and watched as the two young elves and human threw snowball after snowball at each other. His grip tightened on the cold, stone railing and his jaw grew tense as well. His mind racing with back to the words his wife, Celebrian, had told him centuries before.
Elrond shook his head at the two immature elves and walked back over to his desk, where he sat back down and continued studying.
Throughout the morning he studied with the sound of the fire crackling and the two elves and human laughing in the background.

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