Silthalion's story part 4 - A Story

Silthalion smiled, Elrond knew her mind well for someone who had met her only a few months ago. She thanked him and strolled out of the library. She would tell Legolas, but only he for the time being, as he was an Elf. She felt a strange connection with him, but oddly did not know why. This puzzled her, so she went to his temporary room to discuss it and other matters with him.

But he was not in, and she was disappointed, so she took a bath. Baths, for her, always helped in any matter whatsoever. She had loved to bathe when she was a child and made sure to savor every moment of each. It was a strange thing, but coincidently Silthalion had never gone long without at least washing up in a cool stream or brook. Mir had an uncanny love for them as well, a strange rarity among cats.

Then she thought it for the best she had not talked with him, for there were matters besides that in which she had a mind to keep to herself. It was not a matter of pride, but rather a matter of keeping her life secret. She had made a private promise, not quite an oath, yet she wanted to protect her whole life from other beings in general, her parents had not wanted her to be a commoner.

She loved to be solitary and have her own life. She loved toying with minds, as well as keeping her mysterious ways to herself. Nobody told Silthalion what to do, when to do it, or how. If they did once too many times, they would be sure to get a notice from her; most times in form of a message tied to an arrow stuck in their door or other things. Such as laundry, wheelbarrow, and once, even the person's hat; when they were wearing it. He had really disappointed her when he had refused to give her back Silthalion 's sword. He gave it back eventually, of course.

The day that the company was to depart on their journey, they took small gear of war, for they wished secrecy, not battle. Aragorn took only his sword, and nothing else. He was dressed in the green and burnt orange-colored of the rangers. Boromir took a sword, almost in the same fashion of Aragorn `s, but with less elegance; also a shield and a war-horn, which he blew shortly before leaving (startling the all the Elves in Rivendell to their feet). Gimli wore openly a shirt of mail, and carried an ax. Legolas carried -naturally- a bow and quiver, and on his belt, a long, white Elven knife. The Hobbits took miniature swords. Mir had her own weapons, called fangs and claws. Gandalf brought only his staff and his sword, Glamdring. Silthalion as she always did, but most secretly of the group, had her Mithril shirt. Bore also a quiver and bow, but carried a sword, called Gilfeaglin, the meaning: shining star spirit. Also two daggers in each of her boots, for a hidden feeling of security. She was not about to get ambushed without at least one weapon at hand.

All of them were fitted with warm clothing, fur-lined cloaks, except Mir. Spare clothes and food and other supplies were lade upon a pony, who Sam called "Bill". He was the only member of the company that didn't seem depressed.

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