Sherlock Holmes in Middle-Earth? Case#1: The Wailing Sprite of Gondor - Chapter Two: Uruviel

(Quite sorry for my absence, but my grandmother has passed away and inspiration fled me. I am now back, and I fully intend to get BOTH of my stories up again. Once more, I apologise for my absence... and I shall do everything in my power to make it up to my readers.)

The Wailing Sprite of Gondor: Uruviel

For a few moments my heart seemed frozen in place as my eyes swept over the vision of beauty that stood in front of me. She was both tall and slender, with a simple golden chain around her neck. Clad in a pale green dress that floated upon the wind, I knew that I had never seen anything so lovely in my entire life, or wanted anything as badly as I wanted to get past that cold demeanor. So fair, so lovely...

I was snapped back to the present by Holmes, who had quickly stood to his feet. Standing beside him, I gave a half-hearted smile at him, then trained my eyes back on the golden-haired beauty.

"Ah, Ms. Uruviel, I am Sherlock Holmes, and this is my companion, J.H. Watson." The lady looked at us, but it was clear that something puzzled her. Something about us... then, Holmes looked at her. "We are travellers, as you have said."

She gave us that cool and distant smile again, then beckoned us closer. "Come along, then. You shall dine at my table tonight, while you tell us the tale of your journey. It surely is an interesting one, is it not? Let your hearts be merry... for here there is joy and rest for the weary." She turned, and I was powerless to do anything except follow her.

She led us well, and for all her grace she moved quickly. It seemed hardly a moment before we stood on the outskirts of a rather large, stoic building. But, even though it was monstorous, it didn't seem a palace to me. It was more of a hall, where a ruler would dish out judgement and entertain guests. Our guide turned and smiled at us.

"Here I shall bid you farewell, leaving you in the capable hands of Amras, captain of the guard here." She turned and whistled softly. At once a tall man came to her side, his pale blue eyes honest and penetrating.

"You called, m'lady?"

"Yes, Amras. These two travellers are in want of shelter and clothes. You must take charge of them and bring them to me tonight at dinner. Is that clear?"

"To hear is to obey, Lady. I shall do as your have said." With that said, Uruviel walked away gracefully. My eyes followed her until I could see no more. Then I turned to study our new guide.

He was tall and well-built, as if he had spent his entire life outdoors and knew everything about nature. His eyes were a pale blue that was penetrating, but they also had a frisky light to them. He had a handsome face, with good lines and a lively smile that couldn't wash away. Surrounding it was a thick shock of blonde hair that was a bit below his shoulders, pulled back from his face to show high cheekbones. I took an instant liking to him, for reasons unknown.

He cought me studying him and barked a laugh, then extended a hand. "I'm Amras, the Lady's right-hand. And you?"

I spoke this time, beating Holmes to it. "We are two travellers who have lost their way. I am known as Watson and this is Holmes." The man smiled again, then sent a wistful look over his shoulder towards the path Uruviel had taken. It was then that I knew something had happened here recently. But what? I knew Holmes would ask... so I kept myself quiet.

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