Shadowhunter - Chapter 2

<br />Ayhnil, son of Thranduil and Tandruthil Greenleaf<br />was born on the 13th of July in the 1991th year of<br />the Third Age. Though loved and cherished dearly<br />by her mother, her father paid less heed to her, <br />and always put his elder son, Legolas, before her.<br />When Ayhnil was just 6 years old, Tandruthil <br />vanished during a walk in the groves of Mirkwood. <br />Though the Elves laboured long and hard to find <br />her, no trace could be found. Thranduil, distraught<br />by his loss, paid even less heed to his daughter.<br />Ayhnil had no-one.<br /><br /><br />After years of seclusion and mourning, Ayhnil <br />desperately believed it was the vile forces of<br />Dol Guldur that had taken her mother. Hoping<br />to avenge her 'death', she hoped to find a great<br />Elven warrior to teach her in the arts of combat.<br />She was told that the best teachers of war were<br />to be found in Lothlorien, the Golden Wood, and<br />so, without her father knowing, she travelled to<br />Lorien.<br /><br /><br />Ayhnil gazed up in wonder at the trees of the<br />Golden Wood, amazed by their height and <br />splendour. It was autumn, and the red-brown<br />leaves appeared to sparkle in the morning sun<br />as they fell gracefully to the floor. Ayhnil had<br />walked for almost two weeks through mud and<br />cold nights, alone and afraid of what darkness<br />might come from the shadows in the night. But<br />by chance or fate, she encountered no fell thing,<br />and after looking upon Lothlorien she knew that<br />every step she had taken was worth it.<br /><br /><br />The Princess of Mirkwood jumped from her day<br />dreaming to hear a sound she least expected in<br />this blessed place, the sound of steel on steel;<br />the sound of battle.<br /><br /><br />Lightly and quickly she ran across the leaf littered<br />floor towards the sounds, perhaps she might find<br />the warrior she had been looking for.<br /><br /><br />Ayhnil looked down from a rocky, vertical hill as <br />she marvelled at what she saw. At least ten - no,<br />twenty Orcs lay fallen on the black stained grass.<br />Two figures remained standing, staring at each <br />body with stern looks. One of the figures darted as<br />fast as the wind towards a fallen Orc, cleaving its <br />head off as the creature made one last cry of pain.<br />Ayhnil gasped at this, and immediatly the other<br />figure aimed his bow at her, the arrow a second <br />away from firing.<br /><br /><br />The archer sighed as he acknowledged what the <br />onlooker on top of the slope actually was. He <br />lowered his bow and placed his arrow back in a <br />quiver laced with gold. The blade wielding figure<br />flung back his hood to reaveal a fair face, that was<br />most certainly Elven.<br /><br /><br />&quot;Why are you out so far from Caras Galadhon, <br />child?&quot; asked the blade wielding Elf as he wiped the<br />Orc blood from his weapon. The archer simply <br />looked on with an inquisitive tone to his face.<br />&quot;My name is Ayhnil,&quot; she answered, quite brightly<br />for the occasion. &quot;My father is Thranduil, the King of<br />Mirkwood.&quot;<br /><br /><br />At this, the Elves looked at each other, obviously<br />suprised. <br />&quot;Is your father nearby then?&quot; said the archer.<br />&quot;No. I am alone.&quot;<br />The look of shock grew even more on their faces.<br />&quot;You have come all the way from Mirkwood to here, <br />alone? Either your father is unaware of you or he has<br />gone mad!&quot; said the swordsman.<br />&quot;Well, yes. My father barely knows me after my<br />mother died.&quot;<br />&quot;Come down here, so we may discuss this whole<br />matter.&quot;<br /><br /><br />At that, Ayhnil gracefully leapt down from her perch<br />to the ground, avoiding the Orc corpses that stunk<br />even more so from down here.<br />&quot;I wish to train in the arts of combat. That is why I<br />have come here, to find a master.&quot;<br />The swordsman laughed, but the archer looked <br />upon her with interest.<br />&quot;I will train you.&quot;<br /><br /><br />The other Elf looked at his comrade with a face that<br />said 'are you mad?' But the archer ignored him and<br />smiled.<br />&quot;May I ask, what is your name?&quot; said Ayhnil, taken<br />quite aback.<br />&quot;This is my brother Rumil. I am Haldir.&quot;
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