Serielle and Tatyaire - Part one

Tatyaire danced along the niphredil and elanor in a happy rhythm, for Pelendan actually looked at her today. She sat in the shade of a tree nearby and smiled happily to herself. Yes she thought, the most perfect elf in the entire woods of Lothlorien, nay, the most perfect elf in Middle-earth placed his perfectly form eyes breathtakingly onto my humble face.

"Tatyaire!" called Serielle as she made her way gracefully to their particular spot. Serielle is bound to be the most beautiful elf maiden next to Galadriel herself; Tatyaire thought wistfully when she saw her very good and close friend coming. Serielle was tall and graceful as any other elf, but she also produced qualities such as gentleness, kindness and patience.

"Over here, Serielle!" Tatyaire replied gaily. She jumped up and swung Serielle around as she laughed.

"Oh Tatyaire! You frightened me! How was I to know you were lying behind that tree? It was almost like you were planning to surprise me." Serielle noticed Tatyaire's radiant glow of joy about her face and smiled. "Did you see Pelendan again today?"

"Yes," she said dreamily, as her knees began to feel weak. "Oh, Serielle! Her looked at me. He truly looked at me! We were sitting there at Lomiel's gathering," she said, referring to one of their elf friends; "and he was in deep conversation with Tintilar. He looked up and then stared into my eyes for a least a moment or two." She sighed and gracefully sat down in the grasses. "I know we are meant for each other."

Serielle smiled again, only this time there was a sadness etched into her smile that could only be seen if searched for. For she herself was also infatuated with the handsome elf Pelendan, but she would not tell Tatyaire for the world.


Tatyaire was nervous. The night of the ball is drawing nearer, and I am only halfway done with this dress! It was the night she had been waiting for years. Seven years had passed since the afternoon when the two elven maidens met after Lomiel's gathering, and now the night of Pelendan's ball had almost arrived.

Tatyaire walked over to her full-length mirror. Like most elves, seven years made no difference to her outer appearance, she was as lovely as ever. She pulled back her dark hair and held of the dark midnight blue fabric.

"You are going to be beautiful, lisse, " her mother said. She certainly hoped Pelendan thought so. Pelendan was a wonderful man, caring and funny, responsible and kind. Tatyaire sighed as her imaginative mind flew her away in a fairy tale melody.

Her mother left the room to find more thread. "Oh I want him more than I can say," she whispered to the still room. "I love him so much I can't breathe, and my heart aches for him every waking moment. Iluvatar, if you can hear me, grant me my one desire: Pelendan."

Tatyaire stood before her mirror in her dress. The dark blue accented her blue eyes and dark hair perfectly. Her hair was pulled away from her face and let down with braids and curls placed artfully down her back.

"You look lovely, lisse," her mother said.

"Thank you mother, and you look very beautiful too." Tatyaire and her family walked to the Ball, for it was not far away. The ball was beautiful, decorations everywhere and elves in their finest. It was a ball for all the residents of the wood and the room was brimming with joy and merriment. Tatyaire spotted Serielle over on the side, looking beautiful as well. A pretty shade of green for Serielle's attire, causing her to look as close to a Maiar as Melian herself.

"Tatyaire! Oh, look at you! You look absolutely perfect!" Serielle quickly joined her friend where she had been standing uncertainly at the entrance. "Come along! You have to see Lomiel and Aldadil; they make quite a stunning couple!" Tatyaire was steered over to her group of friends where they chattered amicably for a few minutes.

Then she saw him. Pelendan came through the doors and into the ballroom. Tatyaire's breath caught her throat, he looked more handsome tonight than she could have ever have dreamed. She noticed she wasn't the only one watching him; half of the females in the room turned and stared at him as he arrived. Pelendan walked over to Tatyaire's circle of friends.

"Mae govannen," he greeted them all.

"Mae govannen," they answered.

"Looking a little nervous are we tonight, Pelendan?" Aldadil, a close friend of Pelendan, teased him.

Pelendan ignored him. "I have my mother's strict orders that I must be courteous and dance with every lady here at least once, and if I dance with them more than once, she promised me I would receive the bow I wanted."

"So I am assuming this was not your idea?" Serielle asked.

Pelendan sighed. "Yes and no." He acted like he was going to say more, but he shut his mouth and shook his head.

Serielle smiled. "Then I shall help you receive your new bow. Dance with me," she said dramatically as he drew her onto the dance floor. Lomiel and Aldadil soon followed, leaving Tatyaire alone to watch.


The night moved quickly for all except Tatyaire. She had been asked to dance several times but yet by the fair Pelendan. Serielle was asked to dance many times as well, and did so, her musical laughter heard by everyone in the room.

Tatyaire's moment had finally arrived. She was sitting in a chair, drinking some wine when she saw him coming.

"May I have this dance?" She nodded lightly and they stepped onto the dance floor.

"So how are all the other dancers?" she asked, struggling to keep the jealousy out of her voice.

"Oh, they are all good dancers," he said politely. "There are some I like more than others, but tonight I cannot be choosy." He smiled at her. Tatyaire's heart did a flip-flop. Perhaps he did like her?

He sighed deeply. "Tatyaire..." he began.

"Yes?" She said, leaning towards him. He saw her eager expression and changed his mind about saying anything.

The song ended, and he asked her to go outside for a moment, for the room was becoming warm. She quickly agreed, and they stepped out into the night air.


Serielle looked around for her friend but failed to find her at that moment. I wonder where she could be, I hope she didn't leave.

"Serielle! Come outside with me!" called one of her other friends, Tasarile.

"Of course, Tasarile. It is becoming rather warm, do you think?" Serielle followed the elf out into the woods. They laughed and giggled and walked along, until they both saw Tatyaire and Pelendan standing in a secluded area nearby. Tasarile pushed her behind a tree to eavesdrop, despite Serielle's protests.

"Shh! I want to hear!" Tasarile whispered slyly. And Serielle heard Pelendan's and Tatyaire's conversation.


Tatyaire sat down on a rock and then so did Pelendan. He seemed rather tense, but after a moment relaxed in the cool night air.

"What is bothering you tonight, Pelendan?" She asked.

"Just the usual news of war, that is all," he said, shrugging. Silence filled the night until Tatyaire could not contain her words no more.

"I love you. I have loved you since the day I saw you." He looked up in surprise, and Tatyaire waoted for his declaration of love, which she was so certain would follow; but those words would never be uttered to her.

"Tatyaire," he said gently; "you are a wonderful maiden and a great aquaintance, but you are not for me. I am truly sorry for any misunderstandings and..." But he could not finish, for Tatyaire stood and fled, her heart's condition shattered at the news.

Serielle burst through the trees. "How dare you break her heart like that? She has loved you for years!" She hurried after Tatyaire but Pelendan took ahold if her wrist. "Let go of me!"

"I honestly swear my intention was not to hurt her. What did you expect me to do? I could not deceive her and tell her I loved her back, especially when I love another!"

"Fine, If indeed you love another, go to her and let me go and comfort my friend!"

"I cannot do that Serielle. For I am already standing in her presence." Serielle looked up into his eyes. "Please Serielle, if you love me at all back, please do not leave me here, questions unanswered."

Serielle knew in that moment that a choice was to be made. She could go and leave behind the man she secretly loved and loose him forever, or she could stay and loose the friend she has had for longer than she can remember. The decision she chose haunted her for the rest of her very long life.


Tatyaire ran and flung herself to the ground weeping. She lay in her favorite spot, in front of the tree she loved and spent many lovely afternoons sitting there. But at the moment she was too inconsolable to notice. Great sobs racked her body and she had trouble breathing. "P-pelendan doesn't l-love me," she stuttered as great drops of tears rolled down her face. "Oh Iluvatar, just let me die, let me die! I cannot live anymore with this pain!"

She crawled over to the tree and wrapped her arms around it tightly, trying to stop the rise of her chest. She tightened and tried to stop breathing, but the pain was too much, and it was taking far too long. She released herself and fell numbly into the dirt, her grief too much for words.

She had a dagger here, she remembered, in case of attack. Tatyaire pulled the dagger out of the tree and held it before her heart. Several agonizing seconds passed before Tatyaire cried: "What am I doing?" and threw the dagger away. She lay prostrate on the bed of flowers, tears still pouring from her eyes. "What am I to do now? I can never go back, I feel such shame. Oh Iluvatar! How can you have taken the one I love away from me? Alas! I have no reason to live!"

"Perhaps there is a reason why Pelendan's favor has passed over you to another," a soft, but strong voice said. Tatyaire looked up to see the Lady of the Galadrim standing to the side of her.

"My Lady?"

"It would be a shame to see another elf die of grief," Lady Galadriel commented.

She looked up at Galadriel with awe in her tear-filled eyes. She shook her head. "What use is my life to anyone?"

"Ai! but there is much use in you if you choose the path before you; not the path of death, indeed, the path of life."

Tatyaire looked dazedly at Galadriel. "You mean I can choose to if I wish?" When Galadriel nodded her head in sorrow, Tatyaire buried her face in her hands. For the first time in her abundant life, Tatyaire could feel her internal clock and the days left in her life dwindle. "No! I do not wish to die yet! I have something, I do not know what, but something I must fulfill before I die." Tatyaire stood up and brushed herself off. "Excuse me, Lady Galadriel," she looked upon the Lady for the last time, "I fear I shall leave and never see you again. Tell my loved ones farewell for me; I shall miss them greatly."

"Namarie, nai Eru laita tye," she replied in blessing. Tatyaire gave a final watery glance at the Fair Lady and took her leave.

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