Second chance at love - Chapter 4

"When are we leaving, Legolas?"
"Tomorrow Melamin" He said kissing the top of her head.
"Well, I'm hungry, I'll be back" she said sitting up.
"No, you will rest. What do you want to eat?" He pushed her back on the bed.
"Legolas, really Lle naa belegohtar, but you cannot stand to see me in the slightest of pains." she touched her hand to his cheek.
"I love you, it hurts to see pain in your eyes. The day I left you had the same look."
"But you are not leaving, and I am not in pain!"
"Yes you are!" he touched her back and she winced. "See. I want to help stop the pain, you just have to let me."
"Very well. Just some bread and wine."
"I`ll be back soon. Rest, and stay this time." He smiled. Legolas left the room and went to the kitchens.
"This reminds me," she thought "When I had the fever."

Flash back
"Coio, how do you feel?" Legolas kneeled on her bed.
"I feel fine. Will you let me up?"
"No, you have a terrible fever, I do not want you to get even more sick."
"Legolas, I am," She was cut short.
"No you will remain in bed until your fever breaks!"
"Fine, but stay with me, I'm Bored!" she gave him her best puppy dog eyes.
"Always love." He kissed her head and laid down with her.

End of flash back

"Coio!" Arwen burst into the room. " I thought you,"
"I know Dead. My father told me Legolas was dead." Coio smiled. "Lord above, I missed him." The two girls hugged.
"So what do you want to do?"
"Well I can't leave the room, Legolas' orders."
"Well we can catch up until Legolas kicks me out." Said Arwen.
"Sounds like a plan!"

Melamin- my love
Lle naa belegohtar-you are a mighty warrior

Sorry the chapter is short
Writers block....
Hope you like and can you give me ideas????????

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