Saviors of Arda - Prologue

Saviors Of Arda

I was sitting at my laptop, reading fan fictions when my cell-phone rang.

" Hello," I said.

" Hey Jason. Do you want to go to Busch Gardens with me and the clan," said my friend Samantha. (The clan is what our group of friends were called in High School...Samantha, Brandon, Myself, Jennifer, Cameron, Matthew, Megan and Destiny.)

" Sure, when are you gonna get there?"

" We are meeting at ten."

" Ok, do I need to pick up anyone?"

" Yeah, um, Matthew and Megan need a ride."

" Ok, I'll get them."

" See you later."

" Ok, bye."

I hung up the phone and ran to get dressed. I went out to my Hummer and hopped in. I put in Evanescence's Fallen album and turned up the volume. I drove to Matthew and Megan's house to pick them up. Matthew and Megan are identical twins and always act the same. They hopped in and started rocking with me.

" So, how is that paper coming?" I asked.

" It is coming like a snail," replied Megan.

" Mine is going good. I just can't figure out why she wants us to write our own stories based on Lord of the Rings. Mrs. Robinson is nuts," said Matthew.

" It is fun for me. (I'm a Tolkien Freak) Mine is going great. I have ten pages already written," I said.

" We still have to write at least thirty pages," said Megan.

" Ok this cd is over. What next?" I asked.

" What do you got?" asked Matthew.

" I got Nelly, Eminem, Sean Paul, Destiny's Child, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, 3 Doors Down, and Evanescence with me," I replied.

" I say Sean Paul," said Megan.

I put in the cd and put it on `Get Busy' and started dancing. In the back seat Megan was singing " Shake that thing miss kana kana, shake that thing miss Annabelle," and we laughed hearing her sing. She smacked us in the back of the head. We pulled into the Busch Gardens parking lot and parked. I looked at my watch and looked for the other's cars. I saw Samantha's Hummer and Brandon's Hummer (We all have Hummers). We walked up to the gate and went through the ticket booth and met the others at the drink stand.

" Wassup?" asked Destiny.

" Not much. What should we ride?" asked Matthew.

" Montu, it is the best ride here," said Brandon.

" Sounds fine to me," I said.

We walked past the alligators and the horses and were approaching the rollercoaster when a bolt of lightning hit right in front of us.

" Holy crap," I said.

" Totally, I don't think we should stay here much longer," said Jennifer.

" I have to agree with her," said Cameron.

We turned around and headed for the exit. We got there and in front of us stood a lot of weird looking people. One man headed towards us.

" I am Aragorn. Myself and the others were wondering if you would please give us a haven from this storm," he said.

" Oh my God," we all said at the same time.

" We would gladly give you all a place to get out of the
storm. Come with us," I said.

" Thank-you," he said as he went and got everyone to follow us.

" Just curious, how many are there of you guys?" asked Samantha who was wondering how we could fit all of us into three cars.

" There is Arwen, Gandalf, Glorfindel, Eowyn, Eomer, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Elrohir, Elladan, Legolas, Gimli, Haldir, Boromir, Faramir, Rosie, Bilbo and Diamond," Aragorn said as we just stared at him.

" Well that's nineteen plus our eight and we have how many cars?" said Samantha to us.

" Four I think," said Destiny.

" Ok that's two of us per car and four or five for them. I will take the elves," I said.

" I get the girls including Arwen," said Samantha while giving me a gotcha look.

" I'll grab the hobbits," said Destiny who thought they were cute.

" I guess that means I get the humans and Gandalf," said Brandon.

" Let's go to my house. Just a suggestion, go to your houses and get all the things you will need for the next year. I think that is how long I heard them saying they would be here. Tell your parents we're going camping up in Tennessee for a year, ok," I said as they nodded their heads.

We left and went our separate ways. I dropped Matthew off at his house and went home to pack. My parents were out of town so I didn't worry. I went upstairs and packed up a lot of things that I knew I would need. I came back downstairs and ordered pizzas. An hour went by and everyone started showing up. The pizza guy just stared at the people as I paid.

" What is this round thing with cheese and meat?" asked Boromir while holding up a piece and looking at it.

" Pizza, it is ok," I said as I took a bite.

Once I said that all of them picked up a piece and started eating. We ate seven pizzas and drank nine two liters vanilla cokes when we all settled down and Gandalf stood up to talk.

Author's Note: I have this story saved on both of my computers so this one will get finished faster than my other one.

P.S. The story that I am talking about is really the first one I published on here called Legion of Elves.

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