Saviors of Arda - Chapter 3

Car 1: Checkers

" Welcome to Checkers would you like our Big Buc Combo?" asked the Lady Taking orders.

" We would like five Screamin Chicken meals no cole slaw with large fries and large strawberry milkshakes," Jason said.

" That'll be $25.76 at the first window," she replied.
Jason got out the money and paid and then handed out the food.

" What is this?" asked Elladan looking at the chicken strip.

" That is spicy chicken and the other thing is a French fry or a fried potato," said Jen.

" Oh, and this drink is really hard to sip but what is it?" asked Elrohir.

" It is a milkshake, it has ice cream and strawberry syrup in it," said Jason.

" Oh," said Legolas as he slurped so hard a large piece of his chicken flew and hit Gimli in the backseat in the face.

Car 2: McDonalds

" Welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?" asked a different lady.

" I would like five cokes, five fries, five cheeseburgers and one mcflurry," said Samantha.

" Ok, that will be $25.76," said the lady.

She paid got the food and passed it out.

" Yummy," said Diamond and Rosie who started eating right away.

Arwen and Eowyn took a bite and their face lit up. They chowed down.

Car 3: Burger King

" Welcome to BK, how may I help you (in the background) Burger King not BK you are fired," said the box.

" Four whoppers with Pepsi and fries," said Chad.

" That will be $25.76," said yet a different lady.

He paid and then got the food and passed it out (for the third time but not the last). Haldir was skeptical but he had liked the pizza so he ate it. Glorfindel however got food poisoning (need I say more)(I hate BK).

Car 4: Evos

"Hello welcome to Evos, what nasty health food do you want?" said the box.

Car 5: Wendy's

" Welcome to Wendy's how may I help you?" asked a different lady in a box.

" We need four of everything on your $.99 menu," said Brandon who knew M&P ate a lot.

" That will be $25.76," said the lady.

He got the food and paid for it. He took what he and Destiny needed and handed the other two bags to Merry and Pippin who were in heaven.

Car 6: KFC

" Welcome to KFC, how may I help you?" asked yet another lady in a box.

" We need five chicken strip meals, the sides, um, mashed potatoes, and fries," Cameron said.

" That will be $25.76," said the lady.

He got the food and paid and handed out the food. They liked it and had no complaints.

A/N It will begin to pick up pace in the next chapter when they begin training and also I know this is a short chapter...I just wanted something small and funny.

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