Samwise's Story - Chapter Two

It was a bright day in Gondor. The Sun shone beautifully, and the trees were all in bloom. There was no need to worry about what may come, for these days were blessed under the reign of King Elessar.
The King sat on the throne and smiled happily at his wife, Arwen, who held a beautiful son in her arms. "Maybe it is going to be your follower, my Lord", whispered Arwen. " Yes, and I hope that his reign would be guided with many happy moments as it is now", replied Aragorn.
"Do you remember the Halfling, Frodo from Shire, the Nine-Fingered RingBearer?", asked Arwen "Yes, I often think of him. What a pity for his three friends, Merriadoc, Peregrin and Samwise! They thought he is going to live with them for many, many years. Yet the fate wanted it the other way," was the answer of Elessar.
Suddenly, the door opened and a small figure entered. It was certain that it was Peregrin: " I wish all of you nice day. I have just returned from the Elves´ realm, and brought some LEMBAS, if you want. Legolas sends his greetings to you, Stri.... Master!"
"Lets say Strider, no problem with that", laughed Aragorn gleefully. "The Lembas is a really good idea." He took it from Pippin and said:" I have a task for you. Take my fastest horse and ride to Hobbiton. Bring Samwise The Brave, for I plan to send him off to fulfill my orders." "What... what if it is dangerous," Pippin exclaimed. "There are many dangers, Master Peregrin Took, and it depends only on us, how do we face them."
Pippin bowed and answered:"I will do as you say!" Then he left the Great Hall and went to the stables to take a horse. " What is going on ?" he thought "What does Strider need Sam for?" While thinking so, Pippin already sat on the back of one of Elessar´s horses, on the way to Hobbiton. He was looking forward to seeing Sam so much!!!
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