Samwise's Story- Chapter One

It was a ordinary day at the beginning of 4th age in Shire. Sam Gamgee was sitting in front of the house with his all- life love, Rosie, and his daughter, Elanor.The Sun shone happily, and noone did think of the evil that happened years ago.

Yet, there were days when Sam missed his master and friend, Frodo Baggins. He often thought of the days they spent together, about good and bad moments on their journey to Mordor, and finally of Frodo´s departure in Grey Havens.

"Elanor", Samwise said "One day, when you are grown up enough, I will tell you the things I never told you before." "Which things? Please, tell me! " shouted Elanor gleefully. "My dear, you have to wait. I will not inform you until your brother or sister is born." Elanor went slowly into the house, and did not go out until evening was underway.

Sam and Rosie stayed outside. They were chitchatting about all the important events that happened that day. Suddenly. they could feel the strong wind blow. "I hear horses come," whispered Sam in fear "Yes, I hear them as well", replied Rosie. "Let´s hope that it is not a person who would harm us", added Samwise. Full of fear, Rosie decided to go home- she wanted to guard Elanor in case it would be something bad.

The answer of "who it is" appeared as quick as they would never expect to. It was a tall man, white crown with jewels on his head. Samwise looked taken by surprise. "S... Strider!!! My king!!", said he, moved. "Yes, it is me. I have come to look at my retainers. Do not worry. How are you? I have not seen you, Sam, for quite a long time. " "Well, my king Ellessar, I have plenty to do. I take care of my family and garden. I was just talking to Rosie, my wife. She asked me what name we will give to our next baby hobbit. We can not agree upon it." " I am very happy my people are full of joy after disappearing of Darkness", said Aragorn. "Yes, we are," answered Sam. "If you go to your home, in case you meet Merry and Pippin, send greetings from me to them." "I will," promised King Ellessar and sat on his horse in order to go home. "Live happily, my little Halfling", smiled Aragorn and in a moment he was far from the Bag End.
Samwise Gamgee did not have a task left that day,therefore he opened the brown door and joined Rosie and Elanor in their dwelling.
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