Sam- The Journey - Sam finds his way to Cirith Ungol to rescue his master and friend; Frodo.

Sam rubbed his eyes and woke himself up. He had to continue on his way to Cirith Ungol to rescue Frodo. Wearily, he pulled his pack onto his back and started off. "Lets go!" he said to himself. And of he went!
After walking for a few hours he came across a curious mark on some stones. Moving closer he found it was an object! Frodo's chain!
"Frodo has been this way!" said Sam,"This is a sign! I'll find you Mr.Frodo, I'm coming!"
Sam ran forward but was forced to skid to a halt. A deep Gorge cut the land of from the other side!
"How am I to get across this?" thought Sam,"I know elvish rope!"
Sam tied the rope into a lasso and got ready to throw.
"No," he muttered,"I'll practise around here first, lest I miss!"
So he did just that and when he thew the lasso to the other side it fastened itsself round a big, sharp rock! Sam carefully tied the rope to another rock.
"For Frodo," he said as he started pulling himself along.
When he got to the other side [he got there], He thought "I've got through enough for one day [and a bit of the night], I'm goinna have a rest."
Sam got up much the same way as before.
"Orcs are coming" he thought,"I can feel it."
He was right, for six ugly orcs came scurring up.
"What're you little runt doin' 'ere!"
"Back you FILTH!" he shouted at them.
"Ohhh, wanna fight do we?" asked one orc.
"No, but I'll have to if you don't GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
"Oh, ho, ho, you arre gunna die fa' that!" chuckled the orc, "oh, heh, he, GET "IM BOYS!"
Two orcs ran forward. Sam knocked one to the floor.
"Uh you runt"
Sam responded by sticking Sting in his side!
"GYAAA!" the orc howled in pain.
"Awright now it's my turn to poke you in the side!"
"Not quite!" said Sam.
Sam parried the orc first few attacks, then the orc knocked him to the floor!
"Got you now!" shreiked the orc. Madly, he ran forward, holding his sword out in front of him!
Sam ducked at just the right time! The orc's sword plunged into the stone wall and Sam sliced him in the stomach!
Four more orcs ran forward. Sam took two out easy. Two more were still left.
One suddenly jumped out behind him!
Sam stuck Sting in his gut! Three down, one to go!
Kshinng! The other orc thay dead!
"You killed them!" shouted the last orc, "Now I!!",
Sam put Sting to the orcs neck, "Tell me where Cirith Ungol is!" finished Sam.
"Over there!" said the trembling orc, "Less that a days walk away! Please don't kill me!"
"Right, begone you filth!" said Sam as he pushed the orc away.
He headed off to Cirith Ungol; he was going to fing Frodo!!
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