Ruckus to Gain Peace; Part 8 - Home Again

Aragorn finally reached the white city, accompanied by Legolas and Dînesgal. He had stopped briefly in Ithilien, and they wanted to see his son. So they accompanied him. Aragorn stayed mounted on Brego until he reached the courtyard of Minas Tirith. Then he dismounted, and rushed inside to see his family.
Arwen was amusing Eldarion with a toy, when Aragorn walked quietly into the room. Arwen straightened up and turned around. "Estel!" She gasped happily. She rushed over to Aragorn and he caught her in a warm embrace. "You back! Was it a trap then, or were they serious?"
"They were serious. They're outcasts to the other Easterlings, and the orcs ransacked their settlements." Aragorn answered.
"So did you hold peace talks with them?" Arwen enquired.
"No." Aragorn replied. "Actions speak louder than words. Their leader's wife was badly poisoned, and wouldn't have made it without a healer."
"So you earned their trust by saving one of them?" Arwen asked. Aragorn smirked. "You saved more than one." Arwen guessed at his expression.
"Only two." Aragorn replied.
"And how did they repay you?" Arwen asked. "Or didn't they?"
"They tried." Aragorn answered indifferently with a shrug.
"You wouldn't let them!" Arwen gasped, amused. "They'll no doubt feel as though they're in your debt!"
"It'll make them more trustworthy!" Aragorn joked. Arwen looked at him, shook her head and laughed.
"You hadn't had enough time to meet your son properly!" Arwen said suddenly turning and picking up their son. "Here." Arwen said and passed Eldarion to Aragorn.
Aragorn took his infant son in his arms gently. The child gripped his finger in his tiny hand. Though the child wasn't very old, he still had a bit of strength in his grip. Aragorn smiled and spoke softly to the baby.
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