Rubyflame-Mistress of fire - chapter 19

Urk-hai were coming out of no where. I had about 15 coming at me at one time. Each one fell after the next. Aragorn was in the middle of one group slashing and stabbing orcs one after another. Legolas was fairing no better. He had about 10 going after him.

We were fairing pretty well until Gimli got his axe stuck in a tree trunk and accidentally pushed Aragorn into another group of urk-hai. Now me and Legolas had to help Gimli and Aragorn. Finally after about 5 minutes the urk-hai lessened.

Suddenly we heard a sound eco through the trees.

" The horn of Gondor," Legolas yelled.

" Borimir," Aragorn and I stated and ran to aid our comrad.

Slicing ocs left and right we headed toward the sound. Right after I had sliced one of the main urk-hai I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. I gasped in pain to great to go on. I wasn't stabbed but I knew who it was. Borimir was already going to die.

" Aragorn, go on to Borimir, he's been stabbed," I yelled clutching my stomach.

I felt another pain in my heart. Then my shoulder. All the other urk-hai were slaughtered. Legolas knelt down becide me.

Aragorn stopped and looked into my face.

" Go," I barked as another wave of pain hit me.

Aragorn ran off as Legolas pulled me into an embrace.

Srry its so small. Cuz wants to play cards.



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