Rowen Story:5 - Leaving Lothlorien

The Fellowship was preparing to leave the beautiful lands of Lorien. With the Fellowships understandment Rowen was fated to stay with Galadriel. Rowen helped them packed up and move all their belongings to the boats, that Galadriel gave them. Atlas came time to say good-bye. The Fellowship was given leaf green cloaks to hide them from unfriendly eyes. Also given each there own gifts as well. Boromir was given a belt of gold. Merry and Pippin where given daggers and Legolas a bow of the Galadrim. Sam was given rope and Frodo the Phail of Galadriel. Gimli got three pieces of Galadriel's hair. But Aragorn had a much different gift. It asnt from Galadriel or any of the fair folk of Lothlorien. Rowen came to him and took his hand and lead him from the river Auduin, but to the woods of Lorien. There under the trees where the leaves never fall except spring.
"You know it's sunrise right," she at last said to him.
"It is?" he responded to her.
"Come here, ill show you."
Rowen took him to Cerith Amon and showed the sun rising. It made the blue ky turn colours of pink and purple. Aragorn took Rowen in his arms.
"If this is are last moment together. Iam glad is this one," she said to him.
He looked at her like she planned on him to not come back to her. She turned around in his arms to face him.
"I will come back to you Rowen, I swear."
She smile and lead him back to the boats. The Fellowship was ready to leave the Elf country of Lothlorien. As Aragorn paddled the boats on of the land he look back one last time to find Rowen there crying. Then Galadriel taking Rowen back into Lorien.
TO BE CONTINUED....................

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