Rosie of Hobbiton- part four - Rivendel

Aaranel led them through the trees. Rosie just couldn't take her eyes of her beautiful surroundings. ''Here we are,'' announced Aaranel, ''The House of Elrond. Shall I show you your room?''
''Yes please, I would like to change out of these dirty clothes and clean myself up.''

A maid, Almie, helped the Hobbits clean themselves up and gave then each some clean clothes. Polly was surprised that they had dresses to fit small hobbits. Rosie's dress was a shimmering silver colour, and it fitted her perfectly. Polly gently combed her sisters tangled hair and braided it back from her face.
''There, you look much cleaner, and we can actually see your face for a change!'' giggled Polly. ''Now run outside and find Aaranel for me. I do not know where she wishes us to go.''

Rosie slowly walked among the trees. She picked some pretty blue flowers which she positioned carefully into her hair. Rosie heard the falling of water somewhere beyond her. Pulling back a sheet of leaves she saw the most wonderful waterfall. The water was glistening in the sun like the stars on a perfectly clear night. Rosie ran to the waters edge and ran her fingers through the calm water. Ripples followed her hand.

Suddenly Rosie felt a presence, she spun around. ''Oh Aaranel, you scared me. Sorry, Polly sent me to look for you.''
''I do not know you very well Rosie, I would very much like to though. Your sister and I are good friends and I am sure that we will be too.'' Said Aaranel. ''Can I tell you something?'' Asked Rosie nervously. ''I think you are very beautiful. Are you married?''

''No, I am not married. But I am in love.''
''Oh, so that is why you want to find Rávion. Anyway, I'm starving. When are we going to eat?'' Rosie questioned.
''Hobbits! Always thinking about their stomachs!'' Aranel laughed.


Rosie snuggled up closer to Polly in bed. ''Polly?''
''Hmmmm.'' Replied her drowsy sister.
''When you fall in love you won't forget about me will you?''
''Where did you get that silly idea from, honey? Nobody could ever, in a million years, break through our love. It is too strong.''
''Oh, good. Night night.'' Rosie sighed, snuggling underneath the warm blankets and closing her sleepy eyes.

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