Rosie of Hobbiton - a rough night

Hey y'all, I hope you are enjoying this story and want more. If you have time could you please give me some advice and complaints about my writing, i really wanna improve. Thanks for reading it and enjoy!!

The companions were long gone by dawn. Rosie did not part from Rivendel eagerly, but she did not want to be a burden, so did not complain. Aaranel lead them to the place where she had last seen Rávion. Bitter tears came to her eyes as she remembered what he had said to her,
`'Ile naa Mela en' coiamin.'' You are the love of my life.

Polly searched underfoot for signs of a fight. There was nothing. They looked for hours but still they found nothing. Suddenly it began to rain heavily. Rosie's dress became wet through and she began to shiver. They only had one blanket which Aaranel wrapt around Rosie to keep her warm.

Aaranel scanned the horizon for sign of shelter; a cave in the far distance came into view. As they galloped towards the cave a bolt of lightening made Rosie jump. The rain was pounding, the wind was howling, the storm had become an angry wil beast attacking it's prey.

When they enterd the damp cave the rain was drumming on the roof of the cave as if it were trying to make it collapse. They were all trembling from head to foot so Aaranel conjured a fire. The flames began to curl and twist, dancing in the shadowy cave. Rosie was frightend it the deserted cave but glad of the heat and huddled up next to Polly. She watched the flames dance until she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. Her eyelids slowly drooped, and she fell into deep sleep.

The light poured in through the open cave and awoke Rosie at once. She squinted her eyes in the morning sun and looked around the gloomy cavern. There wasn't much to see, the ashes of the left over fire were the only sight. Rosie shook Aaranel awake whose eyes flickered open and she wearily sat up.

''How long have you been awake Rosie?'' said Aaranel streching her arms and yawning.

''Since sunrise, I have to get up early at home so we can get the chores done. We better get going don't you think? Maybe in the light we will be able to find something to do with Rávion. Shall I wake Polly?''

''We might as well.'' Sighed Aaranel.

They woke Polly and packed up the little possessions they were carrying. Rosie attached the sack onto Aaranel's horse, Elen. Polly mounted Nathramdil and helped Rosie up behind her. Rosie took hold of her sister's waist and dug her feet into the horses side. Aaranel jumped up onto Elen with ease. She whispered something elvish into her horse's ear.

''Beleger, noro lim.''Mighty one, ride fast.

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