Rose of Gondor:Before the Storm - Part 5

~~(First off! Forgive me for not writing. I have had incurable writers block once again! I am trying to add more, but I have seemingly hit a slump. I promise this post will be edited once I find my brain again.)~~

Many of them far too young to even know the danger that their murders represented, far too young to have even lived, far too young to die. Kelyi screamed and tried to cover her ears and face, trying to drown out the memories of screams and moans of the dead and dying that had branded themselves into her memory. Kelyi heard someone calling her name through the discernable noise that was filtering through her mind, a pair of strong arms was around her, pulling her close,
"Kelyi! Kelyi!"
Kelyi felt herself being drug forcefully back to reality by the sound of a voice, as the screams faded away from her consciouss thought, Kelyi's cries also quieted as the noise stopped. Kelyi pulled her heavy eyes open, Boromir was gazing down at her from those cobalt eyes, he knew the pain she was feeling, those cobalt eyes had seen the sights as well. Kelyi swallowed, struggling to find her voice that seemed to have abandoned her as she found herself in Boromir's strong grasp. He had managed to pull himself into a semi-sitting position, craddling her gently as he stroked her hair comfortingly. Kelyi slowy pushed herself away from Boromir, as there came a loud knock on the door. Boromir climbed to his feet and quickly moved towards the door, one of the Gondorian captians stood on the other side. Quickly Boromir stepped around the door, and closed it behind him, speaking with the other man in a hushed voice. As soon as the door was closed, Kelyi pulled herself off the bed and quickly moved towards the door. Leaning on it, she tried to listen through the wood, picking up only snatches of the conversation. Felling fatigue start to set in upon her muscles once more, Kelyi carefully staggered away from the door, and managed to fall into the fur covered edge of her bed, barely missing the cool stone floor. Kelyi wanted to cry out as her body fell into the convulsions of fabric, her ocean eyes watched as her mind once more willed her body to sleep. Cursing under her breath, Kelyi watched as the evening light of the torches, fire and even the brilliant white moon faded into oblivion. Dark and unbeknownest dreams fell through Kelyi's mind as she slept, causing her to toss and turn, as she titered on the edge of conciousness.


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