Rohans Plea - a hobbits tale

it was morning. And something was shaking Tanais awake.
"Gerroff" she growled, thinking it to be her brother as he usually did in an attempt to wake her. Realisation struck. She didnt need to open her eyes to remember.
Blearily Tanais blinked to clear her eyes of tears. Whatever happened she musn't give in. that was the first rule in training a horse, it would be the first rule here.
As the dazzling sun beamed in her eyes Tanais turned onto her stomach and almost shouted aloud that she could.
The drug has worn off she smiled to herself, stretching out her fingertips to welcome its warmth.
"Wait," she warned herself,"play it smoothly and have the upper hand."
Slumping back into the grass, Tanais checked that no orcs had seen her improvement in moving and adjusted herself as one of no free movement would.
Suddenly a head sprang up beside her, and curious eyes peered out at her from behind a wild tangle of matted hair.
Tanais smiled remembering him from before, though she couldnt recall when from her blurred haze of the last few days.
"hullo," came the voice cheerfully, or as cheerfully as it can get when one is hungry, tired and cold.
"Merry its awake!"the other creature popped up as Tanais stared at their small stature.
"what are you," she whispered hoarsely.
"Hobbits," proudly replied the one she remembered as Pippin.
"And who be you," asked Merry catiously from beside her.
"Tanais," she replied stiffly,"of Rohan."
"Youre not a hobbit then?" asked Pippin in wonder.
"A hobbit," Tanais groaned wondering if she was delirious.
"then hobbits are real?"
"Of course wer'e real," said Merry indignantly.
"Well they think you are!" said Pippin.
"They do?"
"well thats obviously why your'e here," Merry stated promptly.
For a moment Tanais tried to take it in.....and failed.
"Merry thinks...." began Pippin.
"SSSSHHHH, Merry hissed as heavy footsteps approached them.
Tanais allowed her head to loll forwards as she was slung over the back of her captor.
She was at least confident of her secret.
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