Rings: The Truth is Revealed - Chapter- um not sure I think 11

Aragorn turned to Davia and saw a tear slide down her cheek. "Davia? How could you marry that sort of person?" "I didn't do it willingly. When I was eighteen Elrond arranged for me to marry a soldier from Lothlorien. I had never before seen him. We didn't meet until the day before the wedding. Neither of us was happy about getting married. We argued most of that night.
Half way through the wedding orcs attacked Rivendell. Everyone ran out to fight. We decided to resume the wedding the next day after the wounded and dead were taken care of. Arwen, Elladen and Elrohir all agreed with me. I didn't want to get married and they tried to stop it. I even sent Celoril, Haldir's older brother, to my grandmother for her help. That didn't work either.
So, the next day I waited for six hours, in my wedding dress, at the alter for Delerion. He never came. We later learned he had left before the sun rose that morning. Elrond sent out soldiers in every direction and could never find him. He finally gave up on getting me married." Davia told her story. "I'm so sorry." Pitied Aragorn. "I'm not. I never wanted to get married. Even then all I wanted to was fight." "Will you ever change?" asked Merry. "No!" Davia answered emphatically.
A loud crash silenced their laughter as a bolt of light shot through doorway, blowing the door off its hinges. The door flew toward the wall Davia and Legolas were chained to. Legolas felt pain seer through his body as the door smashed his arm. Davia cringed as the door slammed against her. A few moments passed before the light was gone. She heard Saruman talking but could not understand him. The princess heard another door being put on the hinges. Soon she heard shackles being removed. Saruman said one last word then left. She heard her cellmates running toward her. "Davia!" cried Aragorn. "I'm alright." Davia whispered through gritted teeth. Aragorn and the hobbits took hold of the door and pulled it away. That was when Davia realized that her shackles had been removed as well. She collapsed into Aragorn's awaiting arms. "Come on little sister wake up." Aragorn cried in her ear. Davia smiled. She was many years older than him; he was married to her older sister so he considered himself her older brother. "I am awake." She mumbled through her pain. As darkness engulfed her she felt Legolas lay his hand on her arm.

Hours had passed and yet Davia showed no signs of reviving. Davia could tell what was going on around her, but could not respond. Finally, a few days later, she heard a conversation that brought her back. "Legolas?" "Hm?" "May I ask you a question?" "Sure, Aragorn. What is it?" "Why do you hate Davia so much?" "'Cause she is Noldar." "So what does that matter?" "She killed my ancestors." "Legolas, get real! She is younger than you! How could she have killed your ancestors when you weren't even alive yet? Don't answer! She didn't, she couldn't! Both your ancestors made bad decisions. That is what caused their demise not her!" Aragorn emphasized the last sentence. Legolas sat in silence for a moment and then Davia heard Aragorn move towards Legolas. That was when she heard Legolas crying. "You're right, as usual. I hope I will get to apologize." Legolas spoke through sobs. "I can't believe I was so pig headed." Legolas berated himself. "Don't cry Legolas. I forgave you a long time ago." Davia whispered. "Davia!" Legolas cried and then grabbed her hand in both of his. He cried out in pain and retracted his arms. Davia looked at him and noticed his left arm was covered in blood. "What happened?" Davia asked concernedly. "The door smashed my arm." Legolas answered. Davia pushed herself up on one elbow. "How are the hobbits?" "Sleeping and hungry." Joked Aragorn. "Ha! Figures." Davia laughed. Aragorn bent and helped Davia sit up on Legolas's right side. She laid her head on his shoulder. The princess smiled when Legolas put his arm around her shoulders.

The young man tilted his head to the side slowly as he stared at the river. He was surprisingly tall even for a man of his years. His muscles showed through his shirt. "Are you sure this is the right way?" he asked the hobbit lass beside him. "I'm sure. I watched my father go across that river." She replied. "Well, uncle, this is it!" he called back to a man waiting back with another man and woman. "Are you sure, Eldarion?" "Eleanor is!" answered the young man. "Well, then we go this way." Commented the woman. Eldarion turned and smiled. They were not related to him by blood but by heart. He had always thought of them as his aunt and uncles. "Come on you three, you take to long!" The eldest of the three laughed and replied, "What do you mean we take to long? How many people in their fifties can keep up with children." "Children? I'm eighteen!" "Oh sorry! Teenagers!" Eldarion smiled, "What ever you say, Eomer!" "Boys stop fighting we are almost there." "Yes, Milady Eowyn." Sniggered Eldarion.
They crossed the river and much to their surprise Eowyn, Eomer, and Faramir were the same as they had been in the War of the Ring. "Whoa! I don't believe this!" "Faramir!" a scream came from behind a bush by the river. "Frodo?" Cried the bewildered man. Faramir was quite surprised to see Frodo standing there, being of the same stature. Frodo rushed toward Faramir and grabbed his arms. "Aragorn and the others have been taken by orcs. Saruman is back and so is It!" he gasped. "What!" roared Eomer. "Yes. Lady Eowyn, I believe a wish you have had for a long time shall come true." "What is that?" she asked. "You will get to meet the girl Aragorn talked about and Faramir's brother." "Frodo, my brother is dead. And so is that girl, what ever her name was. Davia." "No they aren't!" Replied Frodo. "But if you want to keep them alive follow me!" They dashed off with Frodo in the lead.


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