Rings: The Truth is Revealed - Chapter 9

"Aragorn hold up!" Davia called from far behind Aragorn. For the past two hours she had been helping Legolas but now she knew he could not go on. The sun was beating down upon them. Legolas was already hot from running far with the wounds he had acquired and the sun was not helping maters. "What's wrong?" asked the man as he ran up to them. "Aragorn, I don't think we can go anywhere for right now." Legolas sunk to the ground. "Legolas?" Aragorn bent over his good friend. "He's unconscious." "What are we going to do now?" asked Davia. Aragorn was too weary from fighting and Davia knew she could not carry him. "We'll rest here tonight." Davia and Aragorn dragged him to a nearby tree. They were soon asleep.

When Legolas awoke he saw Davia sitting next to him. "What happened?" "Don't you remember?" "No. All I remember is almost gettin' gutted and then having you help me off the field. The rest is a complete blank." Davia related to him the rest of the story. "Liar!" "I am not! That is the truth." "Yeah right like I would kiss you. That isn't even strange that is disgusting!" Legolas cried as he stood up defiantly. Aragorn, who had heard every thing from behind a tree, walked into view and related his side of the story. "Davia is right. When we left you took her hand like you loved her." "Aragorn that is totally and completely disgusting!" Legolas sneered.
Suddenly an arrow shot out of nowhere and hit Aragorn in the shoulder. Aragorn sunk to his knees in pain. Davia and Legolas knelt next to the man. "I'm alright." He mumbled as he collapsed against Legolas. "Hold him." Davia commanded, "I'm going to get that arrow out." Legolas held him and looked up at Davia as she pulled the arrow out of his shoulder. "It's poisoned." Davia mumbled bitterly. "What are we going to do now? We have no idea where we are and neither of us is strong enough to support him." "I know." Davia ran a hand through her shoulder length hair. An arrow shot through the air and landed next to Legolas's leg. "Glad they are a bad aim!" "Could you be able to support him for a little while?" "I can try." Legolas answered as he bent and swung Aragorn over his shoulder.
Davia ran a head and spotted some woods and many rocks. "Legolas it's just over here. Can you make it?" Davia called back to Legolas, who was far behind. "I think so!" he called in return. She ran back and pulled the unconscious Aragorn from his shoulders. "I'll help you carry him." "Alright." Davia and Legolas dragged Aragorn to the woods Davia had found. The princess ran to a large bolder covered in vines. Carefully she pushed the vines to the other side to reveal a secret entrance. "Perfect." Legolas called to Davia as he swung Aragorn over his shoulder and carried him inside the cave. "Can we stop before we go any farther?" asked Legolas as he collapsed on the ground. His bare chest glistened with sweat. "Sure." Davia ran to one of the tunnels and disappeared around the corner. She appeared a few minutes later with two canteens of water. "Here." Davia reached behind Legolas's head and lifted it gently. She held the canteen to his lips and let him drink his fill. "Thank you." Legolas murmured before he fell asleep.
Davia walked over to where Aragorn lay and washed the wound on his shoulder. He jerked when the water met the poison. "Sorry Aragorn I have to do this." Davia reached down and took the ring from her finger. She laid it on the wound and it healed automatically. Davia put the ring back on her finger and laid her hand on where the wound had been. Using all the strength she had, Davia drew all the poison out of the wound. She had just enough strength to remove all the poison onto a rag before she collapsed with weariness.
Legolas awoke slowly from his deep sleep. "Davia?" Legolas sat up with a start as he saw her lying on the ground. "Oh no!" he yelled as he ran to her side. "I'm ok." Davia murmured. She slowly pushed herself into a sitting position, with Legolas's help. "I guess I wore myself out." Davia commented. "I guess so." Replied Legolas indifferently. Aragorn murmured in his sleep. "Is he going to be ok?" "He should be." Davia leaned her head against the wall and sighed. "Get some more sleep. I will take care of Aragorn." "Are you sure?" Davia asked. "I'm positive." Davia nodded. Legolas took her arms and helped her lay down.
As Davia slept she watched all the events of the Fellowship in her mind. At first Davia thought she was reliving the past. But soon realized that it was all a dream. Davia tried to awake several times but found it to be impossible. Then she saw something that had not happened. Legolas was lying on the ground covered in blood. She saw Aragorn stand up and turn to another bloody figure standing nearby. Aragorn shook his head sadly. Davia realized the bloody figure as herself. Darkness overtook the sky and a loud and terrible voice called out, "I am Lord of the Earth. All shall obey me or die. None shall be free. You are my slaves and I shall treat you as I want. I will destroy all who oppose me!" Each word dripped with venom. Frodo's body was flung out from nowhere. The voiced called again, "Here is your ring bearer. Take his body. I will destroy all who helped him!" The nightmare ended with a flash of light.
Davia sat up with a cry into the awaiting arms of Legolas. She wrapped her arms around him and cried. "It's alright Davia. What happened?" "I cannot tell you." "As you wish." Legolas answered as he tightened his hold on Davia. She looked around the room over Legolas's shoulder. "Where is Aragorn?" Davia asked when she did not see her brother-in-law. "I'm right here." A voice called from the entrance to the cave. Davia's eyes opened wide as she saw Aragorn standing there like he had never been shot. "You have been asleep for three days." Explained Legolas. "Three days?" Davia cried in astonishment. "Yes."
Legolas pulled Davia to her feet. Aragorn, overjoyed to see his "little" sister-in-law awake, wrapped his arms around her in a loving embrace. "Davia, how did I heal so quickly considering it was poisoned?" "That is a question I cannot answer without the help of my father." "Alright then. We shall head back to the caves and find out." Aragorn remarked as he grabbed Davia's sword and tossed it to her.

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