Rings: The Truth is Revealed - Chapter 14

Delerion shoved Davia through the door and shut it behind them. Legolas jumped up and aimed a punch at Delerion but was stopped by some invisible force. "Legolas stop. He is on our side." Davia restrained him. She looked into his eyes and told him everything that happened. "Are you sure he can be trusted?" Legolas was still very skeptical. "Yes." Davia nodded. "She told me who you were. I'm sorry if I have hurt any of you." Delerion apologized. "Are you going to get us out of here?" asked Pippin from a corner. "Yes he is." Davia answered Pippin's question. "Here is what we are going to do. Delerion is going to sneak one person out at a time. The orcs can't tell who is there so that will be the easy part. He will continue with the last person. Once we are out we, first, must find Frodo. Then we got to... Oh heck! We will come to that when we get there." Davia explained. "That sounds hard. What's in it for you?" asked Legolas still not ready to trust Delerion. "Nothing. I hate Saruman as much as you do. All I want is to see is him destroyed." Delerion affirmed. "Aragorn, you're first, then Legolas." "What about Davia?" Legolas asked worried that when they got him out Delerion would hurt her. "She stays until I leave. She has to be here to convince the others. Her father would kill me if he saw me at the moment." "Delerion?" the call came from outside the door. "I will be out in a minute, Saruman. I just have one more thing to do." Delerion turned to Davia. "Sorry, he is watching." Davia nodded. Delerion brought his fist around and hit her full force in the temple. Legolas watched helplessly as Davia hit the ground.

Delerion looked at Legolas as if to say, "I had to do that." He turned to leave. The door opened and Saruman looked at the girl lying in a heap on the floor. "You really did a number on her." "Yes. It felt good too." Delerion smiled wickedly. Saruman put a hand on the elf's shoulder and left. They heard laughing down the corridors.

Legolas rushed to Davia's side. "Davia?" He cried as he cradled the unconscious girl's head. Aragorn bent and saw the small trickle of blood on her head. He ripped off a piece of his sleeve and applied it to her head. "Aragorn? Is she going to be ok?" "She should." Aragorn murmured. Legolas carried her to a corner and laid her down. "Legolas. Make sure the bleeding stops. I'm going to see if I can see my wife." Aragorn stood and walked to the door. After pounding for a few minutes a guard came and asked him what he wanted. It took a few minutes of pleading on Aragorn's part until he finally relented.

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