Rings- The Fellowship Continues - Chapter 4

Legolas awoke before any one else and gently moved Davia's arm from his shoulder. He sat up slowly only to pass out on the cold ground. The movement beside her awoke Davia and she knelt beside Legolas. "Legolas?" "Davia. I'm so cold." He muttered. "Here." Davia smiled and placed the blankets over him. She went over to her pack and pulled out another blanket. When she covered him with it he tried to push it back but was too weak. "Legolas you need this. Trust me!" Finally Legolas consented.

A sound from above her made Davia jump. She looked up but saw nothing in the trees. Suddenly a hand reached around her neck and a voice said. "Good morning." "Argh! Aragorn! Don't do that! I could have killed you!" "Oops! Sorry. What is wrong with him?" Aragorn bent down next to Legolas. "He's freezing!" Aragorn cried. "Yes he wouldn't sleep near the fire last night. I tried to keep him warm." "You did a good job. Wake the others. I will take care of him." Davia nodded and walked off.

Later that day Davia came back into the camp with more firewood only to see the travelers readying to leave. She walked over to Aragorn, "How is Legolas?" "He's freezing out here. We have to get him to Bree before we can even think of keeping him alive." "Well, how are we going to do that?" asked Davia skeptically. "We will take turns carrying him. Boromir and I can. Frodo said that he could but I need to ask you about it." "He can. Don't worry, Frodo is very strong even though he doesn't look it." "Well, alright then! Let's go!" "How long do you think it will take?" "Merry says about a day so he should be ok `til we get there." "Good." Davia smiled and went to help Sam pack up the food.

They traveled for many hours before the gates of Bree came into view. The gatekeeper saw them coming and threw open the gate. "What happened to him?" he asked through the tobacco he was chewing. "Fell into a river." "Well, then you'd best get him to The Pony before he a dies of the cold." "That is where we are headed sir." They passed through the gates with Legolas slung over Aragorn's shoulder. "Aragorn. Go up ahead of us. Get him there as fast as you can! We will stay behind with them." "Right!" he called and ran ahead.

They were still able to see him when he stopped at the door breathing hard. They had almost caught up when he lifted Legolas onto his shoulder again and kicked the door open. Davia heard him yell to the innkeeper "We need a room now!" and then turn away from the door. "Come on boys we had better hurry, we have all of Aragorn's medicine." They ran to the door to find the innkeeper walking back down the stairs. "Well, well, I never thought I would see you again Mr. Underhill." "Well, I'm back. We are all with the man that just came in. Could you tell us which room?" "Same as the one you were in last time." "Thanks!" Frodo called as he and the rest dashed up the stairs and into the room. Legolas was lying on the bed with Aragorn bending over him. "Aragorn, here's your stuff." "Thank you Davia." He murmured as he opened the pack. "How's he doing?" Gimli asked as he walked to the other side of the bed. "He's weak. Davia are Elves able to get pneumonia?" "Not exactly but we kinda get the same affects." Aragorn swore and pulled Davia out of the room. "Well, then we will be here a while." "He's...?" "Yes." "Let me stay with him tonight." "Ok. We have the room across the hall too. All of us will stay in there while you are in there with him. But come and get me if anything happens." "I promise." "Good." Aragorn walked back in the room and explained everything to the others. They filed out of the room into the one across the hall.

Davia closed the door and removed her cloak. Legolas gave a soft moan and sat up in the bed. "Hey. Lay back." Davia soothed gently as she laid him back down. "Where am I?" he asked slowly. "You're in Bree." Legolas looked out the window and saw the stars sparkling overhead. "How did you get me here?" "Aragorn, Boromir, and Frodo took turns carrying you." Legolas reached down and took her hand. "Don't leave me." He murmured as he drifted off to sleep. "I wont." Davia squeezed his hand.

Halfway through the night Davia stood up and walked around the room a little. "Ugh! I am so stiff!" she laughed softly. Legolas stirred in his sleep opened his eyes. At first he didn't see her. "Davia?" he almost screamed her name. "I'm right here." Davia stopped walking at the foot of the bed. "I didn't see you." "I said I wouldn't leave and I wont!" Davia replied. "Thank you." Legolas whispered. The prince slowly pushed himself up onto the pillows. "Here." Davia helped him sit up a little more and then sat down beside him. Legolas looked at her for a moment before laying his hand on her cheek. "I love you." Davia turned away from him and stared out the window. "Did I say something wrong?" Legolas apologized. "No, you just surprised me, that's all." Davia turned to him again. A small tear trickled down her face. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Legolas pulled her closer to him and kissed her lips. He kissed her over and over until she pulled away. "I'm sorry." Legolas sighed. He was surprised that he had been so bold. "Don't be." Davia bent down to kiss him again when Merry crashed through the door. "Ring...wraith...outside...the...front...door!" he gasped. "What?" Davia cried and looked out the window. Sure enough all nine of them were dismounting their horses. "Go tell Aragorn! Quick!" screamed Davia.

oooohh!!! a cliffie!!!! *ducks arrows, knives, and swords* I know you guys will hate me for this cliffie! But be ready the next couple chapters will be MAJOR cliffies!!!!! HEEHEE! I am evil aren't I?


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