Rings- The Fellowship Continues - Chapter 16

OK This one is short! That way I can leave you on a HUGE cliffhanger!! HEEHEE!!!

Upon entering into the palace they met Isidien. "Well, how are the two lovebirds this morning." "Fine, no thanks to you." Legolas muttered and steered Davia away from her. "Daro!" Legolas and Davia froze. "Come back here, Legolas." Isidien called. By the sound of scraping metal they could tell she was armed. "She can't fight." Davia whispered in Legolas's ear. "That just might have changed." He whispered back. "Legolas, I said come here." Her voice was menacing and evil. They turned to see her standing there with a sword in one hand and a long knife in the other. "Legolas are you going to obey me or not?" "Why should I?" he frowned. "I will kill her." She raised the knife as if to throw it but stopped when Legolas took a step forward. "Good! Now come here." She ordered. Legolas strode to her side. She reached up and pulled his head closer to hers. Isidien placed her lips on his. Legolas tried to pull away but couldn't. She was so different from kissing Davia. The princess started to feel dizzy and tried to grab something but fell to the ground. She looked up and the last thing she saw before darkness engulfed her was Isidien wrapping her arms around Legolas's neck.

Getting excited yet?

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