Rings- Life Goes On (Sequel to Rings- The Fellowship Continues) - Chapter 1

Eight months later they had arrived in the Gray Havens. "Home." Legolas sighed as he kissed Davia on the banks of the river. "Yes, I am glad to be home." Davia agreed. "Look! It's Elladen and Elrohir!" Merry screamed and they all ran to where the twins were sleeping under a tree. "Lazy boys." Davia laughed and kicked Elladen's foot. "Huh? What! Davia!" he screamed and dove on his sister. "Get off me!" she laughed. "You're home!!!!!" "I know that you idiot!" Elrohir waited patiently by the tree until Elladen was done tackling his sister. "Hello, Elrohir." She embraced her brother while Elladen pulled himself off the ground and walked towards them. He stepped in and all three of them hugged each other at once.

A party was held that night for the travelers. Elrond welcomed Aragorn with a hug but ignored Davia. Legolas saw the pained look on her face as her father just nodded to her. "I'm sorry." "It is not your fault." "I know." Legolas held her tight for a minute before walked over to Elrond. "Sir?" "What is it Legolas?" "May I have permission to marry your daughter?" Everyone stopped talking and turned toward the two Elves. "No." Elrond said shortly. Celeborn walked up to his son-in-law and grabbed his shoulder. "Do not deny her this happiness." Elrond rolled his eyes but nodded his consent. "Might as well get it over with now. Celeborn, you do it." He stalked out of the room into another passage of the caves. "Are you two willing to do it now?" "Yes." Davia nodded and entwined her fingers with Legolas's. Celeborn nodded and performed the ritual. Twenty minutes later, they were married.

Yes I know this is short but, I think you will like the last part


PS Laliath Elerrina- I have a question about your stories. Are you going to continue on with the other two or just work on "Laliath's Younger Years" for the moment?

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