Rings- Life Goes On - Epilogue

ok, this epilogue stinks but I am sorry. I want to get done with this story. I hope you have enjoyed it.

The rest of their lives were uneventful except for a few minor skirmishes with orcs. Davia grew closer to her father and soon no one had any animosity toward anyone. Legolas and Davia had one more child, a girl named Laliath, after Legolas's twin sister. Fearoh and Elladen had a little girl named Celebrian in remembrance of his mother. Life went on peacefully until the Valar decided it was time to end the time of the world. The people in Valinor were taken to a place filled with light and beauty. A she-elf came to meet them. It was Celebrian, welcoming her family and friends. The Humans, dwarfs, and hobbits of the world were brought to that heaven as well and all lived in perfect harmony for all eternity.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

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