Rings- Life goes on - Chapter 6

When the storm ended Elrond lifted the sleeping child into his arms. As he continued on he didn't know that a search party had been sent out to look for Larien. Davia looked up from the table as Elrond walked into the caves carrying Larien. "Is she ok?" Davia quickly took her child away from Elrond. "Her ankle is broken but she will be fine." "What happened?" "Ask Erestor and Valandil, I am sure they can tell you easily." "What?" "It's Valandil's fault her ankle is broken." "Why? What did he do?" A six month pregnant Fearoh walked into the room and stared at her son sitting at the kitchen table. "They were throwing rocks and pinecones at her. Valandil threw a large rock and it hit her ankle, breaking it." "Come here young elf, your father is going to have a long talk about torturing your cousin." Fearoh grabbed her son and pulled him out the door. "Erestor, when your dad gets back you are in for it." Davia frowned. "Erestor," Elrond spoke, "take your sister into the bedroom, I want to speak to your mother for a moment, please." "Yes sir." The twelve-year-old boy carried his sleeping sister into the bedroom.
Davia stared at her father in surprise as he turned to her and sighed. "I'm sorry." "For...?" "For hating you, for ignoring you, for treating you like you weren't my daughter or didn't exist. I could go on for hours. All I can say is that I would like a second chance at being your father and being their grandfather." Elrond looked at his daughter through tears that threatened to fall. "I don't know if I can forgive you anymore." Davia sighed. Elrond stared at his daughter's face hoping to see some sign of love toward him. All he saw was the pain he had caused her over the years. "I love you, Arien-Davia" he corrected himself and smiled at her sheepishly. Davia wrapped her arms around Elrond's neck. "I love you too, Dad." Davia whispered in his ear. They lost track on how long they stood there but pulled away when someone made noise at the door. "Are we interrupting anything?" Elrond and Davia turned and saw Arwen and the twins standing in the doorway. "Just a family reunion." Elrond smiled. The twins and Arwen laughed and rushed over and hugged their sister and father. "Family's complete, finally." Elladen smiled. "Almost." Davia murmured. "I miss her too, baby girl." Elrond hugged his youngest daughter as silence filled the room as they thought about Celebrian.

Ok, This is the last chapter. The Epilogue is the only thing left!


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