Rianarwen's Tale - Prologue

The Adventure of a Life time

Elena stepped off the plane in New Zealand; she still could not believe that she had won the Grand Prize Trip to the Lord of the Rings set. She thought, Wow this is beautiful. I can see why Peter chose New Zealand.
"Miss" said a person holding a sign. "Are you Elena?"
"Yes, can I help you?" she replied confusedly. Then looked and saw he was holding a sign saying Elena. She realized he was going to drive her to the set. The man smiled and gestured for her to follow him. When she walked outside she gasped when she saw the limo.
" Is everything all right miss? The driver asked
"Yes, everything is fine. I just didn't expect a limo, that's all. She caught the man smiling to himself. "What are you smiling about?" He didn't reply. She just sighed and opened the door.
She climbed in and stared quizzically: Liv Tyler was sitting in front of her!
" He-Hello!" Elena stammered " Why are you here?"
" Oh, I thought I would pick you up with Joe." She said jabbing a finger toward the driver. Then said," You do kind of look like me." Elena blushed and murmured a thank you.
" So, whom do you want to meet first, besides Orlando of course?" she asked.
" Well I really actually wanted to meet you!" Elena replied and smiled abashed. She glanced to see what Liv would do, but she was just sitting there smiling. Then all of the sudden she saw a single tear running down Liv's face. What could she have possibly said to make her so upset? Elena thought. But, she would never know for the limo had stopped and Joe, the driver, was opening the door. She let Liv get out and saw no trace of the tear on her face.
Elena was ushered inside a trailer, which one she wasn't sure. Next thing she knew she was wearing an elf costume and having her hair and ears done. She looked at Liv questioningly.
" You are going to be an extra in the movie". She said
"An extra!" Elena exclaimed. " But I have never acted before in my life."
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be just fine!" Liv answered with a reassuring smile.

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