Revenge - Epilogue


Elladan found himself sitting by a quiet pool with a peaceful waterfall trickling down. The pool was surrounded by a thicket of tall trees from whence the melodious sounds of birds could be heard. The stars shone down, dimly lighting up the small clearing, as he sat in the darkness of night among the lush, green grass. He was back in Rivendel.

Slowly, a small figure emerged from the trees and made her way over to him. Her feet were light on the grass, and she seemed to float on the air. She alone outshone all the stars in the sky. It was Liri. She wore a long, sparkling, silver dress that flowed down to her bare feet. Her dark hair rippled down her back like the very water down the peaceful fall. She seemed to be illuminated by the dim light of the stars.

"A dream come true," Elladan sighed breathlessly as he stood to meet his love. Liri blushed at his comment as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Thanks," she whispered.
"Of course, love."

There was a silence and then Elladan started to rock Liri in his arms. The chiming of the birds was their music as the two gracefully floated around the glen. Liri smiled and rested her head on Elladan's shoulder, content.

She still shivered at the thought of having might have lost him if she had not come to the rescue. Even though Elrond had given her a very stern talk about her doings, she did not mind for she did not regret her actions, as crazy as they were, and would do it again in an instant. Yes, it had been hard, but she would go to the ends of the earth to save the life of the on she loved most dearly.

It had taken them three months to journey back from their quest, but the time went by fast, for the company was enlightened and spirited from all that had happened. In those days, the plans for Liri and Elladan's marriage had arisen and they were happily wed two days after their return. Arwen wept with joy as her best friend wed her brother. She had helped make Liri's wedding gown and made sure everything was just right for that special day.

But Liri had seen sadness, too, in Arwen. A longing filled her dark eyes, but something else had too.


Even though Arwen was so very much in love herself, she knew that day would come when her love would be no more, and she herself would wither away into nothing. Every once in a while, it brought a lone tear to Liri's eyes as she passed her friend's thin form standing alone. It scared her deep inside that one day, she would never walk by Arwen again.

It was a month ago that day that the company had rode back into Rivendell. As Liri danced with Elladan under the shade of the stars, she thought of how blessed she was. That for now, the world just seemed so perfect and right. She felt nothing could tear all she had fought for apart.

A week later, a band of four hobbits - one injured - arrived at Rivendell.

Author's Note: Well, that's it! My story is over! I want to thank my loyal readers for reading (lol) and giving me encouragement! I have an idea already for another series, but it probably will be awhile before it's posted, seeing as I still need to work on the book I'm writing and type up a song for a contest. One of thses days I'll kick myself & do it!
Thanks SOOOOO MUCH for reading this story & I hope you all enjoyed it!


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