Returning to the Shire - Where's Pippin?

As Sam walked back to the Shire he noticed something familiar, he was walking the Sam rode as he first did when he and Frodo started there journey to Mordor. Although at the time they didn't know what was going to happen and who they were going to meet.
"This is the farthest away from home I've ever been"
Sam recalled saying. He laughed at the thought.
"Yeah," he said aloud, "I went even farther."
After seeing Frodo leave for the West, Sam missed him even more. Yes, he was happy he had his lovely wife Rosie and his two kids and one more on the way. But he wanted to see his good friends of the fellowship.
"Rosie," Sam said one day.
"Yes dear,"
"I'm going to Pippin's house for a while."
As he made his way there he noticed the place where he and Frodo, Merry and Pippin first met.
The old sycamore tree. They used to go there every day after lunch. They would talk and usually Merry and Pippin would pick on someone around here. Whether they were old or young, and most of the time all of them would get in trouble. But Sam didn't mind, at least he was with his friends.
"Sam!" He turned to see Merry there.
"Hello Merry, I'm just on my way to see Pippin."
"Yes, me to! You know that he's getting married tomorrow right?"
"Yeah, but I've never met her."
"Me neither."
"All I know is that her name is 'Diamond"
"Ain't ever heard a name like that before."
"Me neither!"
As they neared the house they saw something they never had seen before.
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