Outcast - Epilogue

Valmar and Palanhiliel were married shortly after this story takes place and remained in Gondor. A year later they had their first child, Morrewen, a young girl with dark hair and gray eyes like her father. Palanhiliel had two other children after Morrewen; Melcor, a boy, who had dark brown hair and gray eyes, and Mecoriel who resembled her mother.

When the time came, they sailed to the Gray Havens with the other elves of Middle Earth and lived happily.

The reason for Palanhiliel's banishment was that she was framed and hated her whole life by a young elf maiden named Enelwen. Enelwen hated Palanhiliel, her family, and Palanhiliel's one and only friend, Eneleniel. Those were the only people who believed that Palanhiliel wasn't guilty of her accused crimes. And it almost came out who it really was, but then Enelwen murdered Eneleniel and once again framed Palanhiliel, this time with perfect fake proof. She stole Palanhiliel's heirloom necklace and placed it near the body. Everyone knew Palanhiliel hardly took it off, and that was all the proof needed for her banishment.

But, even to this day Palanhiliel still doesn't know how it happened that Valmar seemed to come back to life. Was it the crystal heirloom necklace? None know and they never will.

So ends the story of Palanhiliel, the outcast. One once lost in a world of hate, but then found by true love.


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